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Think people are going to do something now this is the moni mirvish on kfi am 640 tossing to michael should pay police in virginia state university at virginia state he is on lockdown there's been a shooting on the campus university police have tweeted tonight shooting on campus via fuel is on lockdown there urging people to avoid the area right now a second tweet says police are still on seeing the campus still on lockdown at the commute in you to avoid the area there reports at least one person hurt early one person was shot in the pelvis area and has been ordered while hospital in critical condition universities website notes that the school in pietersburg is celebrating the final day of his homecoming we'll keep you apprised as the very latest on that situation going on in virginia throughout the evening the death toll from wildfires burlington northern california now at forty saddam accounting announced tonight that it's quarter have confirmed to more drastic him a total in our county to twenty to me overall count of forty hundreds more people in and around the town of some molzer noma have in order to evacuate with heavy winds failing flames in the area democratic senator combo hera saw the devastation first hand today longwood governor brown and senator dianne feinstein hera says people need to be ready to seek safety there's no time to pause i think it is a warning to all of us let's think about if we are ever told to evacuate let's have a plan more than two hundred fifty people are still missing almost a week after the fire started last sunday the news brought to you by the kitchen store again in fire to burning in.

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