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You're listening to the daily sales tips. Podcast I'm your host Scott Ingram today. Let's talk about expectations and know that sometimes these tips are for you and other times there actually for me and I hope that they help you to a couple of weeks ago. Somebody suggested to me that we all need to just dial back our expectations a bit and be more patient with everyone that we're interacting with at this point. Everybody is dealing with a lot and there's probably even more than you know going on behind the scenes. They said that if we expect that there may be sixty to seventy percent as effective as they are normally that will probably be about right and help us to be more patient and understanding. That advice has been really useful to me but more recently. I've started to realize that I probably need to apply that same level of forgiveness to myself. This might seem totally contrary to what you would expect of me and I think the problem has been that. It's totally contrary to what I expect of myself. I probably like you have extraordinarily high expectations of myself. What I'm realizing though is that this whole situation is just really tough lately. I've really been struggling with the fact that I've been struggling and it feels wrong to feel like you're a little bit off your game when others are being taken completely out of the game either. Because they're fighting for their lives or they've been laid off and maybe they're even worried about how they're going to feed their own families in comparison to many of the extremes that we're seeing my issues are virtually meaningless but that doesn't mean that they're not real in that they don't matter mindset is such a core of success and managing your mindset and maintaining focus and staying positive just takes way more effort right now than it usually does. Lisa does for me so I've started to try to be a little bit more forgiving of myself to apply that sixty to seventy percent effectiveness framework. And be all right with that took. Let's be real. I'm an overachiever. I think I'm willing to tolerate. Maybe eighty percent effectiveness and still be okay with it but the point is that we need to just be more patient with those around us and we also need to cut ourselves a little more slack and be a bit more mindful of what we're really going through just working on this tip has been really helpful for me. I hope it's also helpful for you and don't be a stranger. This community continues to matter more and more. Let's help each other through. Keep those amazing tips coming and shout out to Camille Clemens. Who's tip? I was going to share today but it prompted all of this so I'll let you give a listen to that tomorrow. It's short and sweet but super powerful. I'll talk to you then. Thanks so much for listening..

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