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Linked with life. That's Yanni one. Just chemical signatures of things that will want to live. We can also look a physical texture. Quite familiar with. Hanes and downstream motto is. And all of that sort of stuff we wouldn't expect to find any fossil of animals on my eyes, but we might expect to find a fuss. Lights dramatic, which destruction of layers of bacteria and dramatic on US preserve sent stuff. Two and a half billion years of evolution on us, and so when MAS was once woman wet at the same time that was willing to wet. We recognize a lot of folks from that point in time, so we would maybe expect to find that on Mars. And also we can look for things like minerals which are associated with psychology, some types of minerals. Formed on us if that related to types of life that we also look for those things. Of, course one of the problems with those last two was demonstrated in the Rose Garden of the White House. If you years ago, quite a few years ago, now I guess that's the Allan Hills meteorite eight, four, four, zero, one. I've seen those crystal structures that they found for people who aren't aware of the US president. The Time Bill Clinton had a press conference during that press conference. He talked about the possibility that life evidence of life. Life may have been discovered on Mars in the form of crystallized structures which were found inside a meteorite now this meteorite was actually found at Arctic replace Code. Allan Hills and it had little individual rectangle lock oblong likes crystal structures, which looked like it could have been. Bacteria were too small, but they really did look like they were bacteria that debate continued for a while as to whether it was possible that these crystal structures were they simply. And Minerals Oh were they fossilized evidence of bacterial life. Yeah, that's right and because as a result of that today surrounding Allan Hills. The research into what equals the buyers signature I guess has really being refined and as being instances of very old ancient life on us. which has been debated and say whether they were left. One's not and based on this many scientists and astrobiologist at NASA have started to produce guidelines for life detection recently in two thousand eighteen, that was a paper that looks at the latter of life infection, and it basically ranked the different types of things that you could find in tons of whether that could be excluded as something that looks. Looks like last season or whether that was something that was likely to be life, and you really WanNa. Find more than one line of evidence. It really needs to be multiple lines of evidence that indicate life that we on falling. Today's full, because you will be specific types of rocks to what you. That would not have been hated too much. Yeah, that's right so because of tectonic plates on. rox tend to get pushed together and you get heated up and they get pressurized and this little change. A sedimentary rock to metamorphised broke. It stops the minimal FIS away from becoming sedimentary, and when this happens, organic compounds inside the stock get destroyed, they crack and break down into smaller components until they become something that you can't use diagnose last because the fragments does not recognizable anymore, and so this is something that was quite key. We found that from using the techniques that could tell which of the rocks were the best preserved of the rooks that we will looking on, and so we could then tell which. which would be most likely to still hold the chemical signs of life without being destroyed? Is that something you need to worry about on MAS is as far as we know. There's no plate tectonics on us. I guess the any way you're gonNA. Get metamorphosed rocks is from media impacts. Things like that EJECTA. Yes, NASA has previously detected organic compounds on MAS, and it's being quite confusing because they've compounds could be actually generated by meteorite impacts, because certain types of organic compounds which aromatic compounds generated from heat and so detection of chloride benzene has been to cut because of a meteorite impact, and so although on Mas. Worry too much about plate. tectonics is added issue of radiation, because there's no atmosphere to protect from radiation and say these compounds can be destroyed by radiation as well and radiation. Reactive source is one of the big issues with the Viking line. This will when carried a number of experiments, looking for signs of present life and. And it turns out. A lot of the experiment didn't account for the unique environmental conditions on my is such as reactive, so yeah, that's right. The environmental conditions on Mars so different than the ones that we look look out on us, and said that sort of hard to predict tool when we looking at luckily now with decades of Ma's research, and it's a really good understanding of what environment of Mas. And really beginning to be able to pinpoint and drill down to send areas. That's bunny tease from the University of New South Wales and this is space time I'm Stewart Gary Still Com Japan. Says farewell to old friend with the final launch of their H, two rocket, and later in the science report e study show that chloroquine and hydroxy chloroquine offered no benefit for patients with covid nineteen all that and much more still to come on space time. Japan.

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