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Manage. God. Jon Gruden making some noise on paper, it looks like a good HBO hard knocks. That's where they where they take you inside the locker room. And the worst one is Philbin, who is of Miami coach would add to cut somebody Philbin. Yeah. Then, of course, there was rhyming Irish coffee. Hugh, we've seen a number. One year as the head coach of the ravens Cowboys did at one year you Brown's John Dorsey Altaic, play big and this year's thrillers. I'm loving it. It's I mean between Jon Gruden. We're gonna get to see Mike Mayock a year ago was on television. And now we're gonna see him on television, cutting guys in real life. That's gonna be good vont has perfect runs a little hot. Richie. Incognito is always a locker room presence Antonio guy, though, he really. Knoxville chest wants to Larry big chest. The star for sure pens if he's going to be God bless car, be, I think, Gruden will, again, we're, we're kind of used to Gruden and his little cocky, walk around. And that's what made him so good on TV. So there's a tendency for us to say God. John quit showing off all the time. But I think if you're like a, fringe fan, I tell you, they like root, always cute. Look at him. He's mad. With those bangs in the whole thing. I'll tell you what, always got me about how the next anybody say that to me. John Gerns Keat, with, don't hang around. This is okay. What the freaking Ellen show, eight oh, eight Camby are if you're talking about I don't want to. I think part of Gruden success on TV his bangs. I really do when Gruden was so go and people always so cute. I don't talk bangs you don't 'cause you're hardcore FPU.

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