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You were listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. We were back in crash is up next in South Carolina. Hello crash. Well, hey, Paul. I guess it's time right in what I just want to say, I apologize for my language last time. I called in I got a little too excited. This one is to talk about gamecocks again right quick and I just want to talk about the carrier joiner and they should have used them more, I think it was pretty obvious that he was frustrated. He wouldn't get on a fuel and I just think it's pernicious to us to not using because just in a subtle way that means probably the best all around athlete on the team and I just think they've got some weapons as they're not they're not executing Paul and I just don't understand it. After review a fan for so long and I'm sure a lot of gamecock fans will be mad at me, but when you have been a fan as long as I have and it's just more stress every time you watch them play either the offense is on key in the defense is not or it's the other way around and I just wish that we could play to the caliber of the athletes that we have. And that's what I was trying to say last time when I called is you have these schools from the Mac and the sun belt and those they play as a team. I just wish that we could be a crash for the call and you'd be well. Doug is a Nashville hello Doug. I'm a first time caller for a long time saying. Thank you. What I want to ask you is what did you think about your Middletown state Miami game? Well, I was impressed with what middle did and just horrified, but what I saw from Miami. I saw the I saw the last ten minutes of the game. So I didn't see anything before that. Well, do you know what milk Tennessee's all time football record is against Miami? I do not. Three and O, when was the previous meeting after Saturday before Saturday? 1930 and 1931. I had a feeling it was a long time ago. But that was still a big game for middle. Oh, no. I've had some friends who have coached there. It's a really good football team and a tradition. And I was pleased to see it. Listen, thank you very, very much for the call. We will, let's see. We have a really interesting guest on the final hour. We don't have a lot of entertainers on, but a young lady wrote a song about Tennessee football that's now moving up the country charts, and we are going, I think you're going to kick out of it. She went to Georgia. And it's about meeting a Tennessee fan and the name of the song is Tennessee orange where an hour away from that conversation. Let's go to Nick next. It's a really good football team and a tradition. Nikki, are you alive? Yeah, I'm alive. Okay. Glad to hear that. Hey. No, this is, this is Sean Hannity. I mean, who do you think this is? Oh, I think it's Paul, but I'm saying that watching your show and you're talking to another guest, and now you're telling me, how long have you been watching the show? Don't you realize that there's a delay or if you're just not figuring that out yet? No, I figured it out, Paul, but I've been sitting there watching the show for the last minute you're talking to guests and then you answer the phone. I don't know what's going on, man. I'll tell you what, the next time Nick will send a FedEx truck to your house. Unless you know you're the next guy. You're all right. Hey, I was going to talk to you. About James call. Yeah. You know, when you go to the gym about how to make the show better and stuff. And I would just thinking about that, mowing it

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