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Brian calvert good morning jeff were already seeing snow showers in the north puget sound area this morning of course we're seeing them up in the cascades and later on this morning we should see of snowflake or two in the greater seattle area even tacoma has a chance at a snowflake or two and i'm i'm saying it like that because we're not expecting any massive accumulations in the metro area but just to let you know that when you could see a little bit of snow on the ground later this morning by the time we get to this afternoon most of the snow showers down low are finished it's the snow up in the cascades that will continue through the balance of the day our high temperatures should end up in the upper thirty's lows tonight in the upper 20s and highs tomorrow mid thirties with clear skies and plenty of sunshine in the komo weather center i'm brian calvert officially broken clouds and 36 now in downtown seattle komo news time is seven thirty six brian calvert kind enough to stick around and give us a few more details on at this forecast because this is is this the biggest winter event that we've had this season you know every time i walk in here jeff you always asked me to qualify these storms i well i you know i only play a weather guy on tv i can you quantified the storm i can say so far this year this has probably been the most eventful weekend we've had how about that at fahrzeugwerke all right you know it other than what you just heard me say i think the the there's a lot of interesting notes here and i think the first thing that everybody on the other side of the radio has already come to realizes that to actually have snow in the seattle area and i'm not exaggerating you have to have five or six things come together perfectly we have a few of those things coming together and it's just a matter of time i think it's possible that they all may come together later this morning and we could actually see a dusting of snow in some parts of the seattle bellevue uh we're already starting to see some in.

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