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Guidelines released by mayor London breed or at the next anywhere between twelve and eighteen months we are going to go back to the life and we knew before however with some adjustments to our new normal as a result of cove it one big adjustment is that San Franciscans who can stay home still will need to do so the help order for the stay at home is extended indefinitely so this plan is being implemented but we are still asking people to stay at home if at all possible these guideline dates are subject to change if the numbers around covert nineteen testing and case is in San Francisco warranted the city has yet to determine a date one night clubs and concerts can resume as well as large festivals Melissa call Ross KCBS KCBS is Margie Shaver has details about how bart is helping you choose the least crowded train to ride these heat maps are showing some interesting changes in ridership patterns market has seen huge drops in ridership for Merenda Pleasant Hill in Walnut Creek showing the folks that live in those areas have the option to work from home bart's Alicia trow says the four busiest stations in the system continue to be in downtown San Francisco what is surprising is that Fruitvale which typically is more middle of the road is now our state's highest station and that tells us that a lot of essential workers are living near Fruitvale trust says it's only opening to look at the data and what it says about people who work and live near bart stations every single morning read a look at a document that tells us the average person per car so we know when you enter a station and then when you.

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