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I'll northwestern has gone roughly five minutes without scoring Benson comes in for pardon. What's that Joe? What a lot of pushing narrow both sides. So one one opportunity for Nance. Front into the one and one is up and good. He's now three of eight from the line this season. Well, the reason they put Harper into the game and took quarter out because turn was isolating. Quarter on the wing and you can drive buying so Harper better defensively. Second free throw is good too for to for Nance. And it's a three point northwestern lead thirty nine thirty six McConnell, Shaun Harper Johnson and kiss on the floor for Rutgers McConnell in the frontcourt. Iraq, logo quarter court Parsi take it now. Top of the key turns and spins on gains games, right on them. And then an arid pass is stolen taken away by cop who will take it to the basket what the follow don't buy games. So four in a row for northwestern at with a forty and it's forty one thirty six Wildcats twelve twenty six to go on a second. Only the second field goal of a half. Northwestern. Here's McConnell is gonna step on the baseline. Three turns it over GO Baker was set to come in. And he will replace McConnell that's an unforced error by Rutgers. And now says Mathis replaces Peter kiss. Time and score. This is where Rutgers struggled the last on the road games. Jerry about this time. Maybe a few more minutes specifically with the Minnesota game. There was a six point game. So. Cop with the ball, the right side beyond the arc guarded by chop. Dr Benson swing. It left for gains Baker on hand. Now Fernandez topic. He runs to the right handed off to law law to the left pickup finance right side. Download beds turned on Johnson. Does soak it's inside and draws contact and a foul. Third Fallon miles Johnson.

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