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Miracle network a winning team after the game i got over domingo's santana who thrives in three of the four brewers ron's it hits his twelve th home run of the year sat down and talked with jeff levering and this is how that conversation went and one of the big reasons why the brewers got their big win rightfielder domingo's santana big to run home run to give the crew the lead in the seventh inning in eased joining us down in the brewers clubhouse demand go take me through that at battle little bit in the seventh inning against the guy thrown hard like daniel hudson man i was just trying to get a group his you know trying to see the ball and our own does so go direct to the ball or you know adam that's what i've been they all of lo with affairs will overdose on a good a that i did it's been a a little bit of a difficult the home stand for you hear demand go but seems like you're starting to come out of it a good time yes just that easy yes jets that easy tell me about your view of orlando are issues play at the end of the game away there will do is awesome widow he's on the he's abu abbas told him that you could really really be a good players will also soon cnn do that are a lovely nor bad um that intensity uh adenan gas or a managers who the gift for us further spectacular play big clutch hitting from you today domingo's santana but i know you guys are going to have a lot of fun with many pina after that slide as well in the nato it's a lot better when you win as yes yes is a lot better than we just trying to compete our very own of the combo just trying to to compete are we know rental then there will be there there was domingo's santana speaking with levering tonight as the brewers get the win over the pirates final score forthright we'll take one more break we'll come back and we'll start going through some scores round the national league central the brewers still in first place will answer that question and go through some minor league scores as well this is the brewers extrainnings live for miller park on wtmj if you can't make it up yelling plastic free appearances or if you just one.

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