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However, they designed the routes in the whatever routes. Receivers were doing that that the quarterback when he receives the ball, it's almost like after you catch it. You don't know what regardless of what defense you're playing against, because they can bring so much stuff at you. Uh and then you could mix in screens and trick plays to get him off guard. But I would think the way our quarterbacks playing on and getting rid of the football will or should. Of or could negate their rush. Coach. Take us back in time, if you could 1979 or so you're at Wake Forest. You get a call from new Bengals coach in 1980. Forrest Gregg. What? What's it like getting a call from Forrest Gregg and I've heard you tell the story before and I gotta hear it again. What's it like doing an interview with Forest Great for a job. I was actually in David's hometown in Boston. I was recruiting for wait for us and my wife called me, she says four straight, called I said, What for us Great guy, the only four straight I know it was the new coach from the Bangles, and he was just at the Toronto Argonauts and the Brown said fired. Forrest Gregg, and he spent a year or two with the Toronto and then Paul Brown hired him for the bank. So I knew that story, and I said more. I I wouldn't know why even call me because I didn't follow what was going on with the Bengal sips of time with Homer rights and you know whatever. So then. I either called him back or he called me again and he said, just get McNally did great here, but I got come on who you said that I'm not real. And then no. He's very Isa, who it wass and that he had Just about the job with the Bengals. And that his line coach, I mean the line coaches the bagels Mike McCormick. He was going to keep him unless Mike McCormick got a head coaching job, and Mike McCormick believe was up for the both more cold. Head coaching job right? And he and Mike McCormack got the job. So then, maybe a week or so later Forest. Greg called me probably in for the interview, and then that's how that transpired, but it It has to do with Mike McCormick getting another job leaving Ah soul that they could bring me in for an interview. Unbelievable. What techniques you You're you're as good a teacher of technique has has ever been in the game techniques Change widened techniques change. And how drastically have techniques changed over the years in your estimation. Well, I think the use of the hands which I mean, you know people were used in their hands. Well, 2030 years ago, but I think the more you study the use of the body of the feet sometimes. The things that we were all trained with. Ah as old school coaches when we were growing up going to clinics and so forth were the way they did it in 1940 year. 45 or 50 a soon as guys like Howard Mud and Bad ran, you know, Dan, Radical bitch and, Ah There were some gym Hanifin other guys came along. Ah, the use of the hands When you use your hands, you could get separation. You know, like I'm pushing on a guy or You know, I put two hands on the one hand on him. There's going mean their space between meet you. And the guy you block it, and which means that you could negotiate a little bit more. But if you get mired in with your helmet and your shoulders, he can sling you and throw you And I think, actually, a lot of the sumo wrestling stuff. His hit online blocking, you know, like throwing guys urine into a guy. You're blocking them. He starts to move to make the tackle and you throw him from Torkham. Just, um you know, your your body rotates and you're you. You push him and you can You could move him for five yards laterally. I just 40 more twisting or throwing the guy, uh, you know, Some of those types of things so It's also that sometimes when you fire off 100 Miles an hour to try to kill the guy running back might be 78 yards. Deport might take some time to get to the line of scrimmage so sometimes Being too soon is being too late to accomplish. You know, I'm getting out a guy right now, but the ball cares not even to the line of scrimmage. Right? So there's a lot so the timing and the footwork and Everybody kind of copies. Everybody else and So you have the game has changed. What's changed more than thing else is the defense's too. You know, it's uh you know they were in the offenses you say Ah, tight end. Ah do back on and ah wide receivers. Now there's three tight and sometimes there's five wives the hearers. Sometimes there's Of Aah! You know the different personnel groups. Too tight ends to back And that whole thing was revolved because coaches have more time there is more there in the video thing the way they break down the videos into all different situations. I mean, you could go right now to any NFL team and hit a button and find certain plays. You don't say Play X On the right hash mark on the five yard line going into score for a certain defects, and you could see them all in a row. Probably somebody has some assistant has to take off all that information and feed it into the computer. But you know that some of the stuff that happened well, coach, Nobody had their offensive lineman more prepared than you did in terms of Ah. That type of thing, letting everybody know exactly what to expect Every front ofyou. Simon every change every shift new call and then teach him the technique. You. Ah, you're a hall of Famer, sir. And rightfully so. And thanks for joining us, we appreciate you. Okay, Well, uh, have a good night tonight and good luck with the Bangles versus Pittsburgh and be a big win. Sure would Coach no doubt thanks to stopping in. Thanks, Coach. OK, but there you go. Jim McNally, the legend Checking in on Bengals line, It's Bengals lining the Bengals radio network in 700 wlw..

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