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Boeing, Carl Stevens, Scrooge Ebenezer Scrooge discussed on WBZ Morning News


Scene even here in the Boston area Boeing's first starliner crew capsule took to the skies but all may not be well with that on manned space craft a half hour into the flight Boeing reports the star liners insertion into orbit was not normal schools are looking at all options and stress the capsule is stable for now but certainly more problems for a company that doesn't need them bowling the starliner is scheduled to fly to the international space station a Christmas classic hits the road literally WBZ's Carl Stevens enjoying a mobile performance of a beloved Christmas store halfpennies or Scrooge Ebenezer Scrooge is the artistically abrasive host upon a Salem trolley witch drives through town he is a character that Eric Rhoden Heiser knows well I've gotten so many times I'm getting quite sick of it Eric an actor and producer started this thirty five years ago and it has grown we do three shows a night during the week and on the weekend we do six they're all sold out they're all sold out ninety eight performances between thanksgiving and Christmas thirty eight people fit on a trolley and they are all sold out a lot of people make this their tradition we've seen kids grow up watching the show now are delta bringing their kids to show it and why not hi Adam video of the the hearts of mankind from Salem Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's newsradio seven not only is it the weekend right around the corner it is a very popular vacation week for many of us and we've heard that many are hidden the skies there jamming Logan airport this morning you hit the road for maybe the holidays today you might like to see what's up at the gas pump baby sis geo Benitez tells us gas prices are actually down the gas prices department.

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