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This is the first time I've ever done this interview with you. You need to have American flag in the back and a maga hat, like a Trump picture. What are you talking about? The American flag. I met like a yes, you're right. There is a idiot. I'm a completely but not in a maga hat. Yeah, yes. So Colby Covington, how are you looking freaking strong as hell? How are you, man? I've never been better at him. I've been training hard. I'm ready to go get my world title. It doesn't matter if Marty's gonna be showing up. Dana already said, I'm fighting for the world title next. So I'm training accordingly and we'll see who's gonna get this work for the world title. Now, I mean, that's 100% because I was at that first fight. It was so close. It was two to two going to the 5th. One judge had you winning. You could argue that you were winning easily. And then you slipped up a banana peel. We all know what happened. The judge stopped it early. But it was like such a great fight and you had food poisoning. According to you, that you got food with the night before, you were up till 5 in the morning. So why wouldn't you get this next shot? Yeah, why wouldn't I? I'm the number one ranked fighter in the world. You know, that's what the rankings say, you know, my recipe may speak for itself. I've beaten four UFC champions. I've had pretty much a near flawless record and, you know, Dana White said himself. Me and Marty juice first fight was one of the greatest fights of all time that he's ever seen. And you know, there's going to be a rematch. You know, there was a lot of controversy in that first fight. If I would end up winning that night, I wouldn't have been okay with it. I would have wanted to run it back because I want to leave no doubt in the fans eyes that I'm the best in the world. And you know what, Marty juiceman has left a lot of doubts in the fan size. They don't know if he's the best because, you know, I was beating him. He faked a nutshell..

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