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Hey ben and jim. And jason and bahrain hasn't stepped on any other books. Alright two things one. They're already said in november solicits for dc comics at least at least half the books. Dc is pouring out in this. in november. Are batman. Batman related or batman shows up in an insurance perform. Had at least half the line in november and lenin november start. What did you say. Was batman related or batman in it. Yes don't like night winging it is not in again. It's about later about the families half the wind in november as jason. Jim in kansas. Looks and there isn't even oh i totally get. There is the titans academy both. There's no titans young justice anymore right. Yeah no teen titans academy's going be others no young justice you know. Yeah no red hot in the outlaws was going but that's over. Now i mean di- chips the doors. Keep doing that. Red hood story urban legends. I don't know if you read the end of that one. I thorough kind of like the d. Arming jason you know. Because at the end. Bruce kinda gives them like a new suit. Then you know well. He was in the texture. Yeah one of his twenty bucks. I don't know we'll chase tolls diapers the in stories like you know. I still think some people deserve to die. But i guess he's going to try more proof way you know. Shoot first and ask questions later. So i mean you gotta have the make him that way so that way he can like spam jail. Oh yeah it's like yes is going to work alongside somebody who uses guns and reduce echinacea. I mean i guess. We'll be like staff. And tim and jason will be with dick and damian the okay. We're aren't in the robin okay. In that robbins book that we're thirty six minutes in it. We haven't even gotten to tighten. Sorry okay yacky arabesque that's just blowing my mind that the bamut line is so big and yet there are so many euros. That don't have their own. Did i tell. Did i tell you what mark wade told me. Well batman is the character in literature. Who's had the most stories written about him in human history. I if you every comic book individual story. I mean now even like back in the nineties i mean. Look how many monthly books you know. Batman had four monthly bill in the nineties. Batman had like four monthly bookstore. Them self. i mean every month. We really ramped up. Are we really ramped up our publishing at 'cause you figure because i i was going to say oh you know what spiderman be close but i mean spiderman in till the sixties batman started in nineteen thirty nine so eighty years that too so i was gonna be like what king arthur and the knights around able. I mean his got started the eleven hundred jabeen. How many books do they king arthur. Well write a book about king. Arthur is long. I mean if we'd chopped up every arthur thing into comic books is what even men bam bam in my head. I don't think king arthur's get rid written eighty years straight every month right. No not about me themselves. I guess like at the beginning of lego batman where the logo comes on. He goes the house. Bill yes right. I said it superman true arbor. We so amazing all right. Let's get the titans. I three the first. Three episodes of season. Three drops of see episode. One barbara gordon episode to red hood and episode three. Hank dove so spoiler alert haaretz. So yeah they got they got to the got. The death in the family real quick like what within the first five minutes of the first episode received joker gone talent that crowbar. Yes all right. So my overall odds thought these three were very good I think i enjoy these more than i've enjoyed some of the other episodes I liked the main critique. Of course spoiler is at the end of the episode takes a crowbar goes. Dr gelman kills the joker. And of course. I can see. He won't be like obama doesn't kill he's breaking cover rule etcetera etcetera but it has already been well established that these titans is a grittier diverse than what we see in normal comics so allow it and i mean in the comics i mean. Even jason died in the comics. He thought about it. He you know he thought about killing. You know superman superman snobby me time. That joker yogurt diplomatic immunity because he was like on the ambassador from iran. I said oh. Oh yeah. Two seconds after he killed rob gonsalves diplomat. Yo yeah he was working for the ayatollah. Oh yeah oh. Yeah so weird. Idaho but no at the end. It's you know it's not that superman sought them at the end there like an kella crashing helicopter in a batman basically poured christian. Bale is like you know. I'm not gonna kill you but i don't know if the save e even dives out of the helicopter and it hits it hits the river and he's thinking you know superman's go look for the barney and he's thinking you know he's going to look for the body they never find the body. He's like you know he's just thinking he's like please be dead this time. Of course he wasn't to pop right right exactly. Of course you know my initial. I was like oh i can't believe in it but at the same time it kind of fits with this universe okay. Here's here's my thing to okay. The whole thing with bruce killing the joker and then the death we get at the end of episode three and some of the other stuff. Could this be like batman series episode. Could this be someone. Hallucinating on scarecrow. Gas because we do get scarecrow in this in he's locked up an arkham but what if like what if one of the episodes opens up. It's just like you know. Scarecrows had dick like on the gas for a while like dallas in the eighties. Who shot jr. He didn't really die. Baby i mean. Unless i don't know how i don't know how you would work this. It's like maybe sh- maybe the whole red thing. The red hood thing does happen but the stuff with bruce's little. I dunno know it. Looks like bruce kills the joker he drops the bloody a- crowbar basically at six feet and says okay. I'm done y- better. Batman at least down but mean i feel like that's off gore's they wouldn't do that. You know then go. But like i said this.

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