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NewsRadio Time is 12 02 Colorado High School Activities Association board Wednesday night voted 12 to 3 to give schools the option to play football, field hockey and sideline spirit during the fall season. It's after the state approved variances requested by chassis. Schools also have the option to play those sports in the spring. Guidelines issued by the state required things such as requiring athletes, coaches, officials and staff to wear masks and practice physical distancing when not actively playing or performing requested variances for the remaining fall. Sports remain under consideration by the state's covert 19 response team. In college football, The Big 10 announced they will resume play, leaving the Pac 12 the on Ly Power five conference not playing. But that could change governors in California and Oregon, lifting the restrictions that have been keeping football teams there from being able to practice. It could pave the way for the conference to play college football this year. The pact world was to try to get back into this. They're gonna want to get back soon as they can, But, you know, you can't just throw these guys back out there. You're going to need give at least a month. Buff stampede dot com. Publisher at a monster. Tiger says players will be safer in the team controlled environment with daily testing than they would be in other situations. Connor shrift NewsRadio Denver Police Wednesday provided new details about a deadly officer involved shooting early Saturday near West Colfax and north meat. They say the incident began in Adams County, where 33 year old Christopher Escobedo allegedly fled from a traffic stop. During the pursuit. Police say he shot at law enforcement officers at least three times after police deployed stop sticks, flattening the suspect vehicle tyres. Police say Escobedo used a female passenger as a human shield Lieutenant Matt Clark. He knew the female was an extreme jeopardy. Given the suicidal statements, the mail was now making This deputy fired one round of the suspect. The suspect fell to the ground, and the female was able to free herself from the male's control. Clark says. Escobedo pointed his weapon toward officers of four officers in firing their weapons. Escobedo was pronounced dead at the scene. Of Chad Bauer on Koray News, Radio, 8:50, A.m. and 90.

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