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For stability we look to our leaders for strength reassurance we look to them for a plan a strategy that they have our best interests in their minds that's what we look to our leaders some in this country depending on we like we don't like but some are doing better than others some are leading better than others and I think the best leaders the best leaders to me are people who they surround themselves with good people they have good advisors they listen to those advisers now ultimately they make what they feel is the best decision it's on them to make the decision but to have strong voices around you within put and listen to that input and then ultimately make the decision and you have to be decisive and in a perfect world you are your real authentic and giving some hope look at it look at what's happening in our country the governors in five states California Ohio Illinois Massachusetts Washington closed bars restaurants wineries to stop the slow to stop the spread of the coronavirus mayors and in major cities have done the same and that poses a lot of questions should they have the authority is it ethical for the government to shut down private businesses Dr Stephen manse is an author he's got a book out beyond happiness and meaning transforming your life through ethical behavior he's on the centerpoint energy's home service plus hotline Dr Mintz good morning Hey thanks for thanks for speaking with us on this and I'll start with the question that I posed before yeah we see restaurants and bars being shut down schools now shut down here in Minnesota I guess where does the ethical responsibility lie in something like this the schools I think have to exercise personal responsibility they don't want to be in a situation where they're exposing young children to maybe staff or teachers who have the virus or made may be subject to getting the virus it doesn't seem to be transmitted readily from children the children of the nun who have come down with it but you know it's one of the situations where you want to be safe rather than sorry and one one state desert and other state does it may follow the lead and that's you know it's just very conservatively reproach the situation yeah N. N. as we've seen this thing unfold here over the last week what's been your impression of of what you've seen the next messages from the administration with president trump's saying too much no big deal this too will pass and the scientists saying no this is a serious matter we have to hunker down personally I think the reaction of the public is they believe the scientists and we have a lack of credibility from the administration and that's part of the reason the stock market is gyrating up and down they don't know what to do they don't know who to believe and they don't know what's coming next universal and personal responsibility we're we're asked to give up a lot of freedoms which is not a very positive thing people don't want that in the United States most people seem to seem to be taking it to heart but can you hear stories like you know people buying enough toilet paper to last to the end of the year and price gouging and that somebody getting on an airplane jet blue plane and they were waiting for the car coronavirus test so personal responsibility is a big issue was well yeah Dr men's what do you think about your you'd mention the leadership in president trump and kind of downplayed it he's done it a couple times where do you live in terms of you know what a leader has to get up there and make sure that there's not mass hysteria but it may be almost down play situations like that do they have a responsibility to come out and tell the the full truth yes absolutely it's kind of these truthful it's got to be credible and it needs to be complete transparency we don't need to be misled at this point having mixed messages and honesty is an ethical value maybe the most important ethical value and I think it's lacking and that's why you see some of the disruption in stores I know in California we've had some skirmishes in stores in Pasco and so on and these buying sprees that I mentioned before yeah let let me jump off that too he's doctor Stephen Manson's book beyond happiness and meaning transforming your life through ethical behavior and if you want to learn more about him it's Steve men's ethics dot com what let let me ask you about the role that that social media has played in all this too I I've argued that this is this is the first major I mean obviously the first major pandemic we we've we've had in the social media era but but people seen those images and seen those videos now where where before you would you know you would have seen him they would have been on the local news but now we see him all all directly what's your what's your take on on what we've experienced here experiencing the pandemic in a social media world yeah yeah well everybody Sir tune to social media it has a great influence on how people react and yeah we're going to see these images because it's the news and some aspects of what people want to see but social media has a responsibility as well to put out the word sacks the true facts and provide information on what we should do as individuals to stay safe and our loved ones and I'm not sure there is enough of that going on yeah what do you think what do you think the is headed over the next couple of weeks if I don't if you don't mind me asking yeah well I think it's going to get worse before it gets better that certainly was the situation in China and I I guess what I worry about is whether our personal man is going to be restricted obviously don't do that in China but it's in the star Tate of government the second work that well here to be told you can't go from state to state and city to city curfews if they were put in place may not be capped and I think you mentioned at the outset restaurants closing bars close now in California that's a recommendation now it's not a requirement so I'm not sure the people are going to follow that but it's yeah it's it's I think has four to six weeks ago my opinion yeah before we start to see the end of it and we still have that curves gets flattened as everybody yep yep Dr Steven Mintz we appreciate the time and your insight thank you so much thank you for having me you can learn more about him Steve Mintz ethics dot com UP next what you talked about that curve I want I want to tell you if we don't do anything these projections get worse that's why were as for what we're being told to to stay in the quarantine let's sum in the end the projections are are pretty frightening in fact we heard him this morning let's sum let's get back into that that's when we come back it's Corey have a laugh hi it's Jamie progressives number one number two employee leave a message at the Hey Jimmy it's me Jamie this is your daily pep talk I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your archipelagos Matt harmony but you will bounce back I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your.

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