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Said, not truly level playing field serious starts to acknowledge the deaths of activists in custody, but the sister of one says, President Assad won't be held accountable there. You will always stay there and you'll never ever get a judgment are will be punished for what he did. The former Congolese militia leader and vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba's returned to Kinshasa after a decade in exile and prison, mosquito manipulation, successful, experimenting stralia the could help tackle Dan gay fever worldwide. That's after the news. Hello I'm Julie candler with. The BBC news the electoral commission in Zimbabwe says the governing Zanu PF has won an outright majority of seats. In parliament according to the latest official results the opposition movement for democratic change has already complained of electoral fraud, and its, preliminary, report the head of the EU observer mission Elma Brock. Painted a mixed picture Japan was largely peaceful and overall political freedoms during the campaign. Including freedom of movement assembly in speech respected over the misuse of state, resources instances of creation and soft intimidation partisan behavior of a traditional leaders and over bias in state media all in favor of the party mended a truly. Level playing field was not yet achieved Mr. Brooks said that the credibility of the election. Would? Be called into question if the electoral. Commission took a long time to release the presidential results the former vice president of the Democratic Republic of Congo Jean-Pierre Bemba has arrived in. The capital Kinshasa of the more than ten years in exile and prison he was mobbed. At the airport by tens of thousands, of, supporters, correspondent soy was there He's a huge. Crowd has From the airport Spritz I can see Af come. Here to receive But this is. A homecoming clouded in uncertainty the government He'd be allowed to run for president tough decisions and. Compromises have to be made.

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