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It's like really really hot girl in high school that was just so mean to the in school like every single day and nothing happened out of because marino was able to do whatever the fucking wanted when he came to winger yeah able to say some horrible shape rage like it was it's in in like like i've always hate him renew and a lot of people don't like marino i don't like yeah i mean because he's kind of a cock but he's he's a good cock you know what i mean as a port sar would say that's a good cock today's and talk yeah because it gets the job done it's if finishes you know what i mean and one on in one eye that was really good all right let's move on that arsenal with another loss let's talk about arsim while you're gone he is now leaving in the season so martin do you wanna start how are you let me ask you this question what are your feelings about arsene wenger to start off with in the future and what has his legacy to put it simply arsene wenger retard four years ago he would have been heralded as one of the best managers in the history of soccer yes he did not win a premier league after two thousand five just wanted to clarify ten thousand five right three to four yeah sorry so yes so after two thousand four he did not win a premier league he never won the champions league.

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