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To this point. The big right hander. I think he's really mature for his age. He's twenty three and he's given some of the more thoughtful reflections in the postgame press conferences. That i've seen from a lot of pitchers not just on the cardinals but even in town stops for a guy as long as he is. He really seems to take a heart. Some of the mistakes you make some of the strategy mates Allow that may be has to do with the fact that his margin of error is pretty slim. Or if he's pitching six seven innings he's gonna stay up but if he gets roughed up for about four three or four innings. That's a quick hook for him to get back down to triple a. And and keep fresh down there You know. I think. I think it's chained up is really come along this year. That's kind of one of the pitches was really working to hone in spring training where we didn't get to see too much in grapefruit league action. It really does a nice job. Setting up his fastball. Great balls while also. I've been very impressed with him. Just as a person you know. He's twenty three years old. He does all of his interviews. English which is not everyone has around comfort. And and i you know when he doesn't do interview in english but is as a very great command of the language just twenty years old and he's just been really impressive to watch you know it's funny you mentioned that and that and and i don't want to go too far off you know the prognostication or the hyperbole end but like some of the tendencies that you see from a player like oviedo off the field to me are good indicator as some of the limited stuff we see on the field and when you see comfortable confident he is how he defers and follows the lead of the veterans even like i don't know man he's just like this big physically Unbelievably looking guy with a million dollar smile too. I like it's hard and obviously we can't quantify that kind of stuff but if you're a fan i think you you try to put some of the pieces together as to why the club has had such an impressive and successful track record. Recently of developing pitching eight really just looks like a big league. I mean we saw a guy that y'all his legal chapman to him kind of the way he walks around and smiles and stuff. Yeah means big you guy. It looks like you belong on the dick bigly now in both just from his frame and some his staff i mean. You saw honked. His spring training they acquired the phillies. This offseason beans about six six and and oviedo just fine. They're like six four six five in our desire kind of gets much flames. Our but oviedo just like is able to really work his stop and work his delivery into very refined very repeatable So yeah i mean. Even he's only three which is kind of the best thing about him is that there's still so much more there for him to lock. He's taking the heart. All these major league bumps he said so far and that's still just. It's very impressive. Demeanor azlan yeah. He had some similar bumps in august. Twenty nineteen when he was absolutely cruising in palm beach and then got promoted to springfield. Struggled a bit really struggled with command and like you know some of the aggressive promotions in the minors again. We don't or fans don't see them like they see guys that come up to the big leagues some similar struggles that maybe have some similar takeaways for a guy like oviedo think. I think it probably wasn't exactly supposed to debut last year. Maybe a year You know he probably wasn't even on the forty man. Now yeah he. I don't wanna say he picked solely because of the need but you with all the all. The guys sideline last year with the with the outbreak. You is definitely one of the first guys called upon in such a hurry I wouldn't have been surprised if he came in towards the end of the last season he got some spot starts or or longer. Leave it behind starters but Him making five starts last year. I think was really fast for him. Just twenty two last year. So i think him kind of be able to have that experience and having this spring training this offseason so kind of take that to heart and reshape himself. I think has been really impressive. So far. all right last thing before we let you go. Zack moss michael. This will be a back starting tonight. His second rehab start As we haven't seen miles in quite some time. What is reasonable again. I use that word to expect for miles and and maybe how important is his continued progression even as he continues to progress. You hope to keep expectations realistic. But how important is the progression as You know we'll see not just the cardinals but a lot of teams really start to test their pitching depth. Here i imagine as we get deeper into the season and the minor league start rolling. Your there's always a common frame when a guy is back from injury towards analyses and it's like a deadline acquisition away. I think it's a little too early in the year to call. It is nice. Welcome back for him in the fact that he hasn't pitched in twenty nine hundred really ready to get back on a big league now back competition. Now we talked to him after his started aaa the other day and he was just so amped up to be able to compete again. I mean that's what he said when he got hurt in. The first place was that he was maybe going a little bit too. Full board is first bullpen session and maybe probably want a little bit too hard on himself. so i think he's probably gonna get once he has one starting line tonight by one more on sunday Hoping to build up to about seven innings ninety pitches by sunday. And after that. I think they're going to try. Bring them back. They might give him one more reason. Start depending how these next to go But if not then he will probably look eh. Come back late next week or or you know week. After he's he's got back especially with carlos her on her ponds her. You know. there's just not a lot of these rotation stopgaps kind of have planned out. Where elsie right now. So is return is not just going to be. You know their number three number four guys let me back but just started kind of need right now even though they have laws zak silver. You can read the latest on everything cardinals. Carlos to the i l. Johan oviedo up. Miles michael is tonight in memphis at cardinals dot com follow zach on twitter at zak silver. What's the beat writer. The media equivalent of carlos banging himself up eating flared homerun. What would it be are are equivalent. They're probably something that you know filing or about to file story or something are about to To submit a sound or something like that and you just knock your your coffee on your laptop or something like that. Maybe something good. Obviously we're not trying not celebrating the press box or anything but you know maybe maybe like it. Announcement of free food and like everyone media gets up from their chair too quickly pulls everything. Yeah yeah your chargers wrapped around your foot and you get up into the whole laptop. That is a terrifying moment. If you ever are mid tripping over a charger connected to a computer and you have that split second where you're where you realize what's happening. That's that's like that's a moment. I never want to be frozen in time. And you really do freeze now you. You're kind of everything. Move in slow motion that instant secondhand. You just are so helpless. It's terrible tech silver. Beware of the cords. But more importantly i know that coming out of that seventeen days stretch with the day yesterday. You're in you're in a great position to keep your head down and keep taking it one day at a time so keep up the good work buddy. Yep the fingers arrested and ready to go okay. Huge thanks to silver as this news broke this afternoon. And we Got in front of it and got you the very very latest. And don't forget you can read. Bernie's take you can get the latest at scoops with danny mac dot com. We'll be back tomorrow with another edition of the chris rabies show. We've been broadcasting and always broadcasting from the ophthalmology associate studios until.

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