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It was so refreshing for me to watch and i think it is a give you friendly because there is some great shots they're a great reaction shots their group one liners it's such a wellwritten script it's a visually different and all of those things and make great gifts i also they're even just simple shots of tessa thompson and her jewellery which i think are statements on their own and i think the be really great ways to communicate certain messages especially politically charged ones and i think that would make a great give you page on its own look if we if we had on the homepage as five gifts of her and her jewellery i think that would be like sort of an actor or a loved it on and there are so many other movies were even if it is like an ardent movie where it's just like great landscaped shots and things like that those are beautiful gifts to people should be able to search nature and seasons and see give some really great bomb composed shots of nature may be an army uh i think we're loan now which had a lot of those beautiful retire graffiti and read moreno such a great director and cinematographer so i i loved that went to those another movie a super doesn't see it's peter includes an el fanning and had sort of oh postapocalyptic but it's really different than any other postapocalyptic movie i've ever seen and on the performances were excellent really this and would target finished stunning and i'm just i just love that reema rondo really did that and someone even it's a little disappointing someone in the crowd asked her the qna.

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