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A different county. So! When did this happen? When did? All millions of Americans say okay. The legislative branch of our government legislates. They make the laws unless. There's a Chinese flu. That shows up then anybody and everybody will make the laws and the regulations, the mayor, the the share, whoever? This is the confusion, but I just don't think we should be targeting somebody and I wanna point out and you. Obviously you couldn't see it, but. She and all her workers. They all had masks on. The the salon was pristine. It was spotless. She's got extra everything sanitizer. They're doing extra cleaning their staggering the appointment, so there's not an overlap of germs, so they can clean. The men and women that work in this country are doing everything. They're supposed to do to fight. This pandemic because they want to get back to work. So, sometimes, the Democrats paint this picture like. What are you doing? These people are out killing people. No, they're not. They're not, but I just think we as an American people. We surrendered our rights. Because we got scared the death count and that's understandable. It's understandable when you see maps. And giant sections of the map. Has this giant spread? It's like in some horror movie, and then your local news says so many people died so many people died so many people died. I understand that but. In the commonsensical world. Where I'm out on the trail almost every day they're walking on a bike and I'm seeing people walking their dogs and I'm passing people working in construction. It's not what you're being told. So if you do venture out, you WanNa wear a mask wear masks. But then keep in mind there. Several studies out that say wearing a mask makes infection worse especially if you have it. So, what do you believe? I mean it's obvious. We can't believe what the states are telling us. They've been caught in too many lies. And I'm just not talking politics. I'm just talking how many more states are going to revise their numbers? And how many more people are going to show up and say all right? You're only supposed to have eleven people in here. There's thirteen. We're going to have to shut you down. But after we shut you down, we will try to get you dependent on a government. So by the end of the summer, you'll be so desperate. You'll be begging for government cheese. I know that's a bit of an exaggeration, but people who have been around a little bit. If you're over fifty, you're over sixty and many other people have of all ages. I'm just saying if you've been through enough decades of watching the government, get Americans addicted to free stuff. and. You are one of the millions of hardworking people that listen to rush limbaugh. You see the pattern here..

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