New York Giants, Kansas City, Cowboys discussed on Monday Night Live with Carl Banks and Kim Jones


The new york giants and the giants listen we've been very hard on themselves everybody else or of what we've been very hard on the giants and they responded yesterday they played hard and they were able to pull out of game now do i think they got a couple of what what is the break they got yesterday kansas city wasn't prepared for the wind they really weren't and the win got into alex ms hedh because outs with doesn't have a doesn't throw a ball and doesn't show the velocity needed to get the ball through the wind and when he threw the ball floated any got very intimidated by throwing the ball and that's why he's described feel comfortable throwing the ball on the end zone at the end of the game which he should have done especially with the size he had a tight end i mean i thought for sure he's got to throw the ball and they're third wall of calcium couple times going to catch one of we'll get a flag i mean there's no question about it i i really thought this was a good drive considering the issues of the game and i thought they really bosch did not get the ball in the end zone and then i actually thought there was a point away and he was going to be very happy getting the thai considering where he was six three six three in wanna go to live with now he's still okay and is the vision because everyone else divisions playing barely actually like the charges might have the best chance believe it or not of yesterday's win and the fact the ghetto game they can win on thanksgiving day against the cowboys um they might be the team right now because the cat the rate is a the broncos a gone and the rate is a you know fallen fast after their demolish meant yesterday at the hands of the at the hands of the pats be give the giants credited defense played with some bounce our ally did a good job and at wind that in throwing at the.

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