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I mean, I I think sometimes you overlook how good because kucherov has been that good. How good Steven stamkos? Steven stamkos one of the best goal score. And you know, he's not one hundred percent. He's not hundred percent. But I I mean, Brayden point stamkos he got. I mean Yanni Gord who I love go top to bottom Polat. I mean, that's an unbelievable that that is a in was surprising to vitamin step away. Now when it seems like they're on the cusp of finally getting over that hurdle face they healthy. I mean, that's a well put together team you wanna take so much. We hear whatever you want Darnall says he has to questions do you think the devils do the right thing giving Hines a contract extension and of the owners make the playoffs to you think? They're game should be at the Coliseum while they should be at the Coliseum. What I heard is Louis really pushing it for it to be at the Coliseum. But the Hines thing was interesting. I think he's a good coach. I think the devils wanted to. Have that stability giving the contract extension, and I don't blame him Shiro didn't do anything during the off season to improve this team. But did you think the timing was right? No. I think they I think they needed to reassure the team that, you know, highs. He was going to be around. I had a chance to work with the US program. I like him a lot. I think they wanna put him in a spot to kind of grow with this young team. When you look at that, you know that situation now, you're right. I mean, they didn't make any any big moves in the offseason to make this team better. I mean, you had the MVP Taylor hall. I mean, I don't wanna say shocked, but the I mean the way he played last year was was I mean, the reason the boy was a whole different level. And on top of that. I mean, the biggest moment for me has been has been Cory Schneider. Yeah. He's not a they don't have a number one goal. No. They don't I in people don't understand this as good as Keith Kincaid played last year. There's a big difference between being the guy and being the backup. Right. When you're asked to fill in occasionally, or if you get hurt, and you gotta fill in for a couple of weeks you can deal with that. But the reason why they're starting goalies in backup goalies, and you're paying. To be that guy that difference maker. And with the injuries everything else. He has been them. I'll no I need to see more Blackwood to determine that. He's a number one goaltender to forever t h ask the question if the lightning fail to win this season. Would you consider this? A major disappointment also Tampa go all in an ad rental. Like Panara n-. I think the low at this point. I think they'll do whatever takes I think when you look at this team. I mean, how well this teams played this is and like you mentioned it. I mean, you ask the question how many teams in these can beat them in the only I mean really team that you feel good about saying could beat them as maybe Washington 'cause I mean the Stanley Cup champions. But I mean outside of that. I I don't feel good about both the other teams in the east having a great chance to beat this team. Now, they've been abroad made for too long here. They won that four. But losing the Stanley Cup final and fifteen even go back to twenty seven lost in the conference. Final lost in the conference final last year. I think John Cooper's heck of a coach. But you're right at some point. And I brought up the word point. Ironically, that's a guy they're gonna have to deal with they're gonna that's gonna be another knee Lander Monir situation. They're going to have to fork over money too. Him. I'm gonna go get sixty one points. And that's it's it's it's sick irreligious. He's twenty nine goals. Donnie pucks and pugs says Tuesday, you talked about the jackass which I do have a vote for what you thought on Travis green..

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