Dr. Daniel Wallace, Dr Harvey Rish, Donald Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


But as we continue with Dr Harvey Rish, Gail Epidemiology professor op Ed Newsweek about hydroxy Clore Quinn and we're talking about all of this. I'm blown away by all that you are saying, and it's really sad. I think what Dr Oz says that when you have the intersection of politics and medicine, politics, always wins is if that's what it sounds like to me, sir. Unfortunately, you know who's got the bigger hammer here and And the truth of Science has difficulty swinging it hammer spite of the fact that it's true, you know, it's like a lot of things. For example, I give you another political issue and in the second term of Barack Obama while he was all for building the wall, the Democrats were all for building the wall. Donald Trump wants to build the wall and now they're all against it, the very same people that will for it. Seems like if President Trump says, You know what? What have you got to lose? He'd know about Daniel Wallace's letter because it was sent to him. He's known he's talked all the medical experts. You know, there's so much vast elation and I don't know if we have FDA that is not looking out for the best interests of the American people. Why don't we clean that out? That's that's unconscionable to may. I agree, but I think that it's difficult to, um Address, you know, bad behavior of civil service, Federal civil service workers on and you know it. You have to document everything improve everything and that's drawn out process on. We're in a pandemic where lives are on the line daily. We're losing more than 1000 people a day. On its very difficult, you know, and nobody there is willing to do the right thing. Let me ask you this. You obviously you're a very well respected. It's not easy to get a peer reviewed article or publication. You have over 300 of them. Dr. Daniel Wallace, Cedars Sinai, the premier expert. I believe on hydroxy Cork it over 400 Have you taken heat for speaking. The truth this way. Yes, not only the CNN. Interview, um, and lots of pushback of what I'll call a barren people on on emails. Um, my Dean stood up for me on our school's website by saying that exactly members have the right to express their scientific opinions there. There's Studied opinions on science, regardless of how mainstream or friends they are that this is the freedom of intellect that we haven't yelling, telling that I cherish about being, in fact, remember deal. I would assume doctor that you don't have this prestigious professorship and his background at yell without Without having incredible credentials as we now know you do, sir. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for giving another side and again, I would advise my audience. Let's consult your doctor, but but I stand with Dr Rish on this..

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