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Wall, Street Tuesday now for a preview of Wednesday's, markets from Bloomberg here's Jeff Bellinger the economic calendar picks up today reports covering retail. Sales and industrial Production will. Be out before the markets open economists surveyed by Bloomberg think the games and sales and production were smaller last. Month and they were in June the national association of home builders will release its monthly index of member sentiment and we get the weekly updates on home, loan demand and. Crude oil inventories Ed kion is the chief investment, strategist, at q He tells Bloomberg radio stock should continue to do well but he, has been more cautious recently we are. Bullish what we're calling ourselves barely. Bullish and, so we're always stocks or overweight US stocks in our. Global portfolios but at the same time we're not quite as aggressive as we were the beginning of the year or even a year or two ago kion says. He does not expect a trade war or global financial crisis but he can't completely ignore the possibilities Macy's will post. Its quarterly results this morning Cisco systems will open its books after the markets, close I'm Jeff Bellinger Bloomberg business for KYW NewsRadio business reports on KYW NewsRadio. At twenty five and fifty five after every hour Harvey. Weinstein's troubles continue to mount he's now facing another lawsuit in New York this one, file buying. Spiring actress while Harvey Weinstein awaits his criminal trial a judge said, a civil suit against the disgraced former movie mogul can proceed in the past Weinstein's attorney said he. Didn't invent the casting. Couch. A New York judge cited the long history of the casting. Couch in Hollywood as he ruled in favor of allowing, Katie and noble to proceed with. Her. Suit the aspiring actress claims that Weinstein forced her, to perform a sex act as he pretended to be interested in her. Acting career the judge said, meeting a world renowned film producer carries value for an aspiring actress as he gave the.

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