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To watch your set your DVR first of all of course at eleven AM boggle fast blogroll palooza ride fast and he'll be doing the press conference from his ravens would home and that'll be all over the air waves that should be interesting I could go on for a while hopefully it'll be over by eight o'clock tonight so you can watch the democratic debate which tonight will feature the first time on stage as part of that Michael Bloomberg that's an NBC MSNBC production moderated by Lester Holt tonight or you can watch criminal minds they're wrapping up fifteen seasons ending tonight to back to back episodes with Joe Mantegna the Chicago in who I ran him not too long ago they wrapped up the shooting on criminal minds quite awhile ago and the program he told me it's so popular in Europe that as the ratings are actually bigger there than they are here for criminal minds so there you go that's tonight on C. B. S. actually don't have to make decisions anymore right because you can just the DVR things but the big story of course Rodway beach today and in a couple of minutes we'll be checking in with the sometimes Washington bureau chief Lynn sweet about the politics behind all of this and we'll get her take on that there's also just wanna make one note to the schedule today the yet at the same time the bill going which will be giving his news conference outside of his house the governor of the governor yes we'll be delivering his budget address in Springfield with all Illinois over against the General Assembly which will be a joint session there that's at noon right it's at noon so they'll be competing governors on the air waves at about the same time you know rob the guy this is gonna go past noon this thing isn't gonna be over an hour that he's doing eleven I don't think it it'll be over when paddy grabs him and pulls him inside the house but it's gonna be a while before that happens okay well it's something else to aggravate governor Pritzker regarding rather glad they she's not too happy with the the release of the former governor Izzy no he's not neither are most of the Illinois lawmakers are not happy about it either yeah we'll talk to Lynn sweet about that coming up all right well let's get a sports headline.

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