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Khaki pants as well they wanna see Hi Todd, Schnitt foxy clean both are Royal Billy Mays the friend. Anthony, Sullivan remains a friend so if they're watching Billy Filipov Anthony on conventional? Television. Hello does this shirt blend me into the background too much busy show today wow how about the, primary and special elections across the country last night. And two of the most closely followed races are well? Officially, too close to call now you had. The Republican who Know full disclosure I what I want and wanted. Him to win in Ohio obviously But and he's already essentially last I saw that he's claim victory but I. Mean it looks like we're headed toward a recount here just because of the closeness but certainly we're not seeing the election called and remember this is kind. Of an odd process because the elections, going to swing back around again in November so even if the democrat does lose he's going to be back again and you, know what kind of mobilization is going also in that Ohio. Race And and this this this gets you know pretty bizarre in this Ohio. Race there's a spoiler candidate who is, like a kind of out there candidate that garnered about eleven hundred votes and that could have swung the election Either way, essentially so we'll get into all. That coming up but the Ohio race the special election for a couple of months until that house seat, is up for grabs again in November Again a bizarre dynamic at really too close to call still and then we have the Kansas gubernatorial primary between the Trump pick and the incumbent governor so we'll. Get into all that coming up today here on Schnitt. The, way, that I do, it the way we Schnitt cast. On the program not going to bore you to death because I am I'm a radio. Entertainer when, it. Comes down to it now also. This is interesting we'll we'll deal with this, people chew on this, for a second people over forty should only work three hours a day I'm sorry correction I like that People I do three hours a day but where there's there's five times that in prep. People over forty should only works three days a week. Sorry people, graspis people over, forty should only work three days. A week according to experts I want to parse that but I what are you say. We dive, into. Some insider trading When? The hell will people learn that You can't Rollout tips to, family friends, the SEC the securities and. Exchange Commission they have wings of people that look for these types of suspicious trades when a stock goes on a rip and goes up like a rocket when a stock, gets murdered when information becomes available to the street and meaning the street or normal rank and file people that don't have any tentacles that touch any potential, inside information, the SEC the securities and. Exchange Commission they look, for awkward odd. Suspicious trades When you have an event with a publicly traded stock did. Did a a crazy amount of stock. Change hands the days prior to a stock shooting up like a rocket because of a public announcement or a stock plummeting because of a public announcement they look at this, there have been many cases high profile cases hey Representative Collins in yes I'm talking about Representative Chris Collins from Schenectady New York a Republican and I I'd, be lying, if I didn't say I. I'd rather this be. A democratic presented Told the truth, others tell the, truth, I wish it? Warrant, a Republican and happens, to be but you, know how, can you, be so, don't be again innocent until proven guilty he, has he's just pleaded in federal court He's. Just played in in the last few minutes Collins and, those charged his, son father-in-law they've pleaded? Not guilty and bond for them has been. Set at. Five hundred thousand dollars a piece Now I want. To get into some of the nuts and bolts here but I I would say to Representative Collins From New York Martha Stewart Martha Stewart would ultimately if I if my memory serves me. Correctly would really nailed Martha Stewart is she lied to the FBI during the investigation of what was the name of. That, company m m Nimin oh it's another company that's another pharmaceutical or biological or bio, tech, that, starts. With well no no no Immelt is the is the g. e. CEO. Visit was something like that so what was I'm talking to my executive producer what was driving me nuts in my, ear yet Yep No, oh? What, oh. Great she just. Typed, well the all you have to do is type in Martha Stewart insider. Trading and what was the name of the? Company it was. Him I want to say? Immelt General Electric So should find that. Quickly because, it's gonna drive, me nuts but again the details, here. This is. Like a classic.

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