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A green party. Connor Green is in this morning, which means it's a green party. And we did this story yesterday for stunt to a news. This kid in Arizona didn't want to go to the tire shop yet again for works. We faked his own kidnapping. Complete with calling the authorities and they're being taken to the hospital and then realizing you have no injuries. And so Connor is here to tell us the three best things about faking your own kidnapping. Connor take it away. All right. D a number one is the most simple of them all. You just get the day off. You know, sometimes you don't feel like going to work. You're tired. Maybe you had a little too much to drink the night before and you just can't do it. So why use one of your vacation days? Save those for the summer. Instead you get some duct tape. You get some zip ties. You get a Sharpie and pretend you have a black eye and bam! Enjoy the day. Take a load off. You can sit down watch some daytime TV. Maybe a little Jerry Springer crack open a nice cold Capri sun. You conduce you whatever you would like, and you know, back in the day I was a cabana boy at the beach Cabana burst, and I prefer to be called a cabana man. But that's neither here nor there Some days it would be scalding hot. You're sweating. You're tired. And then some guy would show up with a family of four. And for some reason, he would need 12 umbrellas, 25 chairs and seven tables and I have no idea why. I wish I knew. Then what I know now now, I wouldn't know what to do. They say Hey, Connor, can you come in tomorrow? No. Sorry. I have plans to get kidnapped. I can't do it. What about next Wednesday? Sorry. No, I'm feeling a hostage situation coming on. I can't come in. Being bang boom. I'm out of work. And instead of working at the beach, I'm hanging out on the beach with a pinnacle autumn. Be a man. I'm feeling a hostage situation coming up Con agreeing Cabana man, It's coming. The theater's director blew right, actually. A.

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