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To fly with the wright flyer kittyhawk on this date in one thousand nine hundred three crashed and three days later after repairs. They got it to fly role. Amundsen's team became the first to reach the south pole on this date in one thousand nine hundred eleven in nineteen thirty nine. The soviet union expelled from the league of nations in one thousand nine hundred forty one. The german military commander of the ukraine issued an order according to which the jewish population was to move to. The city periphery within two days into the barracks of the works of a machine factory in the next few days. Fifteen thousand shot. The un general assembly voted to establish its headquarters in new york city on this date. In nineteen forty six and in one thousand nine hundred forty seven nascar founded in daytona beach florida in nineteen fifty five on this date. Ireland and portugal joined the un. The motown record label founded on this date in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine by berry gordy cars. And she's me nasice mariner to begin the first spacecraft to fly in one thousand nine hundred sixty two on that same date. The mona lisa assessed at one hundred million bucks to highest insurance value for a painting in history. Saturday night fever released on this date in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. No not the virus. The movie and in one thousand nine hundred eighty three robert wayne williams executed in louisiana for the one thousand nine hundred seventy nine murder of a security guard have been only issues and connected with a series of india's crime and all i ask you the chance to see justice and i can't say this the my feels will continue. Come out of his. Throughout eternity until i get justice williams was the first person to be executed in louisiana since one thousand nine hundred seventy six when the death penalty was reinstated. Charles shulz the creator of the comic strip. Peanuts announced his retirement on this date in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and in two thousand twelve sandy hook. Elementary school shooting twenty eight people including the gunman killed the federal. Communications commission voted to repeal net neutrality on this date three years ago today by three two majority also three years ago today 2017 the walt disney company announced it would acquire twenty first century fox including the twentieth century fox studio for fifty two point. Four billion bucks among the greats. Who left this mortal soil on this date singer. Dinah washington william bendix alright of riley. Also the story of babe. Ruth actress myrna loy. Norman fell mr roper on freeze. Three's company and the tv show the rope. How 'bout lionel jefferson. From the jeffersons. Mike evans who passed at a very young age passed away in two thousand six actors. Niba patterson fine character actress country singer. Songwriter billie jo spears. Peter o'toole fine actor also best meyerson probably best known for her game show stints but also miss america. Nineteen forty-five bernard fox. Your number him dr. bombay bewitch and colonel kriton and hogan's heroes bernard fox passing away for years ago today. Born on this date in history king george. The sixth of britain general. Jimmy doolittle politician margaret chase smith and beyond andy griffith francis. Bobby comedian actor morey. Amsterdam comedian musician. Spike jones actor. Dan dailey musician. Charlie rich hey. Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world yet. Charlie rich born on this date actors. Lee ramic and patty duke. Who passed away for years ago. Singer actress. abby lane. Eighty eight today. Actress cynthia gibbs fifty seven from date movie and the hills run. Red sophie. Moncus forty one singer actress vanessa. Hudgens is thirty. Two and a wonderful singer. 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Huckabee and a lot. More newsmax is on all major cable systems. Like directtv dish. Xfinity cox optimum trim firehouse more. If you don't get newsmax call your cable operator today. Tell them you want it. Plus watch newsmax. Tv for free on roku zuma youtube pluto apple tv and even smart. Tv's like samsung plus and lg newsmax has already one of america's top cable news channels. Find out. why watch it today. Newsmax is real news for real people. You should watch six last monday on many of these stations. We brought you some audio from pearl harbor day. December seventh nineteen forty one. Today's program is one week after that and while a lot of the shows that happened on december. Seventh and eighth and ninth are no longer available. The transcriptions Not a good quality. We do have a good quality transcription of the great gildersleeve from one week. After pearl. harbor day seventy nine years ago today. December fourteenth one thousand nine hundred forty one yes. The war effort underway already. Let's listen. I some war. Bulletins from nbc is more late new dublin. Prime minister de valera ones the people of iraq to be prepared for war but he says ireland is continuing policy of strict neutrality in the spring hostilities in his warning diverse at war might come to ireland quote as a thief in the night moscow. The red russian army is striving to drive the germans into a pool. Napoleonic recruit on all three russian fronts and tonight they're still sweeping the germans before them in the north the center and the south canberra australia. The australians have started blackouts in sydney. The people are sandbagging buildings. Munitions work keeping war industry going twenty four hours a day. They've also offered to abandon their holidays. Australian utah plotting to recruiting stations and increasing numbers london. The british communist party urges the closest coordination of allied forces and official statement describes the japanese attack as fascism's offensive from the enslavement of the world. Report came to you from the nbc. Newsroom craft presents the great gildersleeve.

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