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Welcome to episode one hundred and twenty. My name is scott widen and today. I'm joined by my guest. James mayor james is most known for history. Photography and photography talks at conferences articles that industry sites like digital photography school and photo focus. And of course his e books but james has been a commercial photographer for many years. And he's been working with clients including daily news. Tiffany and co and many other new york businesses and businesses around the world. And i'm very fortunate to call james a friend and i'm delighted to able to share something quite amazing that he's been working on during the pandemic and it's something that will that can get your your creative juices flowing while stuck at home and limited to photographing close to home and so this episode while it's kind of a pivot and shift it's also not a pivot chip which is why this episode is not called a pivot and shift episode But it was also something where we're gonna be talking about. Is something that really came out of this pandemic so Welcome to the show james. I i've as i've been wanting to get you on your for while we finally got it. Make it to work and this is going to be a good good conversation. Thanks for having me and thanks for all those kind words. It's good to be out here. Finally of So what are some of the struggles that you've had photographic in business during the pandemic Yeah it's been for everyone. It's been a crazy year. I mean like for my business. It's you know. I always thought you know my kind of a very diverse strong business a lot of marketing channels have done it for fifteen years The risk. I always thought i had that was just like if i broke my leg or got sick for a whole year or something like that. Like prepared for that. But you know pandemic doesn't really It's not on your radar so yeah not at all so you know i mean everything events. I do a ton of workshops and tours and like everything just kind of dropped off except for some print sales and the digital side and on top of that had to watch my three year. Old has thankfully my wife's jobs you know working remotely but going strong but so quickly overnight at a full-time dad working in the mornings and that times in the evenings and like my businesses lucky in that when this is over at it'll come back but yeah it was just a complete complete shift so that was really had to start trying to figure out how to in the time that i had know find other income sources and fight other things to do and so i created some you know digital classes and a lot of what i did. Actually at the time was just A mailing list of grown with different photographers and just like get free inspirational stuff. Right a lot articles for them and do things think myself inspired Especially when i'm chasing around kid. Twenty four seven at the. You know the photography side gets a little exhausting for sure for sure. Yeah so so you've You've literally shifted to a one hundred percent digital at this point as your way past the the complications through the courses and And this new endeavor. I it will be good to see what happens. Once the pandemic's gone and people start getting their lives back to normal and You know i think in a way. You're fortunate because the the tours that you do around new york city are heavily outside right now even even as people get their lives back to normal there still going to be concerned. But you'll you're still going to get hired for tours because it it's people are going to want to get out and they're gonna wanna see new york city and they're going to want to learn about the history and they're not going to want to be inside the i'm already starting to get like increase for second half of next year which is great to see and it's like you know putting them in a holding pattern like yeah. I think this will work. Let's talk in in a handful of vaccines coming and stuff like that. Yeah that's for sure. The events i'll take longer to come back but Yeah that's yeah so so so really been. Just china had a Send a lot of comment said a lot of content to all my whole photographer list to keep

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