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Because even while you're in the moment every thinking moment and trying to be the best see for that moment when sometimes the best most is required to be, let just let go before notable. And then afterwards you get to just thank yourself a long yourself to receive that moment without trying to control it. So I think, where am I issues lie all we've control, and when you're freelance or someone who works for their self. Of those things are about control over its learning to be more disciplined and controlling your time, whoever it's about learning to be to put your foot down yourself and decide what it is that you want to go for when it becomes negatives when it seeps into how you may for the world. So that sense of control comes from my own fares are not suffering that has come from much harder than how the grownups in my life responded to me as a child. And so why I think is important to mention is because of the things that we do come from the conditioning, the parents unknowingly instilled in us because remember that parents upper continued and just because they're grownups doesn't mean that they don't have issues that they haven't even addressed yet. And so if you're taking the responsibility to address your own issues, then that means that you actually put us off in such a better position. But it comes of so much fair as well because you've got to confront yourself and it involves you haven't breakout daily cycles. And one of the things that has worked for me as someone who worked for myself and it's learning to try and take responsibility for my time is just understanding that I am own, keep PA, and that I've brought myself this far. So there's a lot more to go and I can't do it because I've done it. And the things I've done are things that I once dreamed of doing, I'm sometimes you reach a point where you achieve certain things that you.

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