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In can't become self sufficient members of society and if we can stop that cycle maybe get some of these greet people into the trades because we got millions of homes as shortage out there and not enough people to build them. We could team together and create something that would be excellent out there now. I'm knockin even pretend to know that. Have all the answers. But i'm asking you guys out there. This is your challenge. How do we all work together to solve this problem. Because i'm confident the people that we've elected into government across the country don't have the tools or even the desire to fix it and if you do stand up let's see it. It's come up with a plan. Fortas toss and billions of dollars at this problem right now and it's a joke because it's not fixing it. So how do we do this. Love to hear some comments. I'll posted up over on around the house with eric on facebook. Let's get that discussion going able to get some people together. Maybe we can solve some problems. Because i know in my weather here. I've got one hundred and twelve degrees here in portland on sunday and we're highest temperature of all time is one hundred seven. We got people die in this weekend. And there's nothing we can do to stop that right now. So what are we going to do for next summer. Next winter aren't everybody. That's the challenge for this week. Let's see if we can get something going. I'd love to see if we could start a discussion coming up saturday. I've got carol zaleski on caroline. Be she is my co host on saturday for our number one and then our two. I have expert plumber. Roger wakefield.

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