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And Prevention says the cruise industry hasn't control transmission of Corona virus on its ships. So the U. S ban on cruise ships is being extended. It was originally supposed to be lifted July 24th but the CDC says it's going to continue through the end of September. That order applies the major lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean. The CDC says there's been nearly 3000 cases of the disease or similar illnesses on ships. The Coast Guard says there's still about 14,000 groom members onboard 67 ships. Chill. NATO Fox News for not doing enough to abate the fire hazards the city of Oakland has agreed to pay nearly $33 million to settle lawsuits over the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. Killed 36 people during an illegal dance party in November of 2016. A Minnesota man has pleaded guilty to shooting and seriously wounding a police officer. Last year. Tyler Robert Sadowski, pleading guilty to two counts of attempted first degree murder for shooting was sick. A police officer Erik Mattson, last January prosecutors. Saganowski shot Manson in the head as he and three other officers responded to a call about a suspicious person in a backyard with a flashlight. Officers returned fire, wounding Jenna. Mattsson remains in a Nebraska rehab facility, according to local media reports, his wife, saying he's had two surgeries since being wounded and may have 1/3 during the incident. Sinofsky fire directly at a second officer and in the direction of another, resulting in three charges of attempted murder. Prosecutors agreeing to drop one of those counts, and the gun charge is part of a plea deal. Steve Rapoport Fox News the third time this week, the federal government scheduled to put a condemned prisoner to death on Friday, Dustin Lee hunk in was convicted of killing five people, including two Children. To protect his drug trafficking business. I'm Jack Callahan. This is Fox News. The most dangerous day for a newborn is her first day of life. She's at risk from infections, pneumonia, malnutrition every 31 seconds. Another infant is lost. Another family's hope for their baby's future is crushed. The most.

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