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For many government employees. And similar requirements are testing procedures for many private companies, binding effect, saying have added, the president is going on today, calling many GOP governors cavalier for resisting the far reaching requirements he laid out in a multi pronged approach to tackling the virus. Proposal would require companies with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccination or weekly testing. Some Republican leaders have accused Biden of overreaching his authority. The White House has flights carrying Afghan refugees to the U. S. Have been halted after discovery of four cases of measles among people who recently arrived in the US This is NPR's Michele Kelemen reports 19 more US citizens left from the airport in Kabul and the State Department says to others managed to get out. Overland. National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne says the U. S. Is doing intensive work to give Americans clear and safe options to leave Afghanistan. The State Department says 44. Americans were offered seats on the latest plane, but not all decided to go. The Taliban is still not allowing charter flights from northern Afghanistan and Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal. Once the state Department to do more about that. We've lost time, precious time. The situation of these individuals is desperate and urgent. He's been working with veteran groups and activists to help several 100 at risk. Afghans and some American citizens get out. Michele Kelemen. NPR NEWS Washington Government wholesale inflation gauge shows a big jump in prices the Labor Department's producer Price index, which measures the cost of goods before they head down the pipeline to consumers. Of 7/10 of a percent In August, Stocks fell at week's end. On Wall Street, The Dow dropped 271 points. The NASDAQ was down 132 points. You're listening to NPR. And this is w NYC in New York. I'm Sean Carlson. New Jersey's death toll from Hurricane Ida now stands at 29. That's after two bodies pulled from the Passaic River earlier this week were identified as the pair of friends who disappeared during the storm after their car became trapped in floodwaters. W N. Y C is Karen you reports 20 year old runner, an 18 year old needy Rana Close friends. The two even went to Passaic High School's prom together in the spring and were named King and queen of the event. Sick. Mayor Hector Laura says to use had graduated in 2018 needy had graduated. Just this year. We've already an associates degree, she had earned 60 College credits while in high school. An extremely brave future and average tennis player. Laura says Needs body was found in Kearney and they use was found in Newark. More than 200. People were rescued from the floodwaters in Passaic City, which reached as high as 12 FT. Meanwhile, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is declared for additional New Jersey counties as major disaster areas due to the damage caused by either that means residents in Essex, Hudson, Mercer and Union counties will now be able to apply for federal assistance. FEMA previously declared six counties has major disaster areas but left out places like Elizabeth or a family of three and a neighbor drowned in a ground level apartment and in Millburn, where downtown businesses were completely inundated. Individuals can apply for help online. A disaster assistance dot gov. Meanwhile, some New York City workers say they're concerned about Mayor de Blasio is ordered to return to the office full time next week in light of the highly contagious Delta, varying it, the mayor says Getting city workers back to the office is an essential step in New York's recovery and will improve the performance of city government. Jeremiah Cedeno is part of a group of city workers who plan to protest the mayor's return to office mandate, He says de Blasio is trying to shore up his legacy before the end of his term. This is a mayor who is on his way out. And wants to leave on a high note for what he expects will be and allegedly successful gubernatorial run. De Blasio has not announced any plans to run for governor. But the mayor has said he wants to quote keep serving in one way or another after he leaves City Hall at the end of the year and is exploring different options. Tonight. Real Nice night. It'll stay clear will have low this evening of about 58 degrees. You're listening to W.

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