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All right, this is part of your I like to talk about future tech. What's coming down the pike? This week. We're gonna start with robotic dogs. Okay? They're not new Robo pets have been around for quite a few years. But what if you had a robot dog That could sense your emotions? Well, that's supposedly with Kota can do comes equipped with a quote. Listen to this. Blockchain enabled, decentralized AI infrastructure. Okay, I happened. It was really frightening as I do exactly what that is. Ah, Blockchain enabled decentralized AI infrastructure. That's text speak for a fake dog that knows when you've had a really, really bad day, now reported to the company. Kota has a supercomputer that can solve complex problems, which apparently Includes your emotional state. It has a three d depth cameras. Sensors touch sensitive head can figure out where it's going to up and down the stairs recognize different voices. And it does make those cute puppy sounds that might just add it. It does. Oh, isn't thank you little puppy. So if I've convinced you that you need your own human emotion, sensing code a dog It's supposed to start shipping later this year. As long as you don't mind the price. So how much do you think A robotic dog like this would cost? $43,000.43,000 dollars, So it's tough choice. You get the robotic dog or save a few $1000 and buy a Tesla model. Three electric cars come and go, but robotic dogs are Forever. Now Sofia is a humanoid robot that first at the scene five years ago, made by a company in Hong Kong called Hanson Robotics. You may have seen it on the news or I'm lying. Little on selling a first because it looks like a real woman. Designed to show empathy and compassion, thanks to artificial intelligence. Now, according to Hanson, Sofia is the world's first robot citizen, having been granted legal citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It's also the first robot invention ambassador to the U. N. Over the year, Sophia has branched into health care. She's taken folks temperature since she's giving therapy. The company says that so we're going to start seeing more and more Sofia's an airline's in retail and maybe even at home where people want to talk to somebody. It locked down. And if you get one, don't leave your iPhone or iPad laying around. We're dealing with Androids here. And speaking of emotions. One thing that all these music services have in common. Whether it's Spotify apple music Amazon music. Others is the ability recommend songs. Artist playlist based upon what you've already listened to Spotify is going be taking that steps further and not just suggest something because it's similar to a song that she liked last month. It wants to suggest music based on how you're feeling. BBC reports. Spotify has been granted a patent for a system that could basically analyze a person's voice and look for signs to see if they're happy or sad or angry or frustrated. Then it would also listen for signs of a person is alone or with others, and then combine all that. Maybe taking into account gender age and accent. That's little Facebook level creeping right there. Isn't it just a pattern? We don't know if it's gonna be here. I mean, I think I'll just stick to recommended playlist because that's always sound advice. Test has just had its quarterly earnings call this last week. Any lad must gave or an update on the cyber truck. I'm actually thinking about getting a cyber truck, I think looks actually kind of cool. Cyber truck order. They're gonna ship later this year Production post to ramp up next year. The update designer complete. They didn't show what the final version is. But it's not the only new thing coming from Tesla. The model s is getting a big refresh. After staying the same for a few years got a new battery power train updates to the body. Some changes coming to the cockpit new renderings. There's a bigger display screen for the back seat Thean entertainment system has 10 teraflops of power. The steering wheel's What got me Well, it's not really a wheel. It looks like a yoke that she might see in an airplane looks very futuristic. Coming later this year is the model as plaid, which could hit his top speed of 200 MPH. Now I'm not a fan of snails. But look at that model escargot. Uh, okay. By you got to say you got to say that it was okay. That one. That one was a good one. You can. You can steal that from me if you want. All right. Finally, the very first commercially three D printed house has hit the market here in the United States. It's on Long Island in New York. It's a three bedroom, two bath single story. 1400 Square feet 2.5 car garage. What makes it stand out. It was printed on site by a company called SQ 40, using autonomous robotic construction systems. It was printed using concrete. Has fractured the cause of traditional wood frame and this little piece of history will cost $300,000. Now before you say, Wow, That's a lot of money for a house that's 50% less than a similar sized homes in that part of Long Island. The house is at 34, Millbrook Lane and Riverhead, New York. It's currently listed on Zillow. No doubt three reprinted homes. They are the future. And after this You know, looking at a two day home will never be the same. Let's talk about express VPN doesn't make sense of the same company controls half of all online retail also passively eavesdrops on your private conversations at home. What about the idea that a single company controls 90% of Internet searches? Runs your email gets to track every single thing you do on your smartphone. Big tech is powerful. They profit by exploiting your personal data. It's time to.

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