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A claim situation without as or tech public adjusters and please stay tuned for their program claim your victory which will be coming up immediately following this program right after the seven o'clock news as a tech public adjusters column talked to him you'll like him they're great people burg generous with their time eight five five claim five five that's eight five five claim five five eight five five claimed five five razor tech public adjusters and please let them know john a censure now on time traffic and weather on those patriot i 75 northbound after big beaver and accident slowing traffic from fourteen mile 696 westbound bermuda mohawk acts the right shoulder 696 westbound at woodward and acts that on the right shoulder of the exit ramp i ninety four eastbound a ten acts that left shoulder is slow from ross i ninety six westbound at nobody road acts that on the right shoulder m temba lodge northbound i ninety four an accident on the right shoulder and twenty one mile westbound after card road there's an ax to working hindes dry between outer drive in ann arbor trail that is closed due to flooding and checking the weather forecast tonight a chance of rain and snow showers before seven p m mostly cloudy with a low around 25 wednesday mostly cloudy with a high near thirty wednesday night mostly cloudy with low around twenty one right now it's thirty three degrees we update traffic and weather four times an hour i'm kevin sanderson on the patriot fm one on one point five at a m fourteen hundred but folks in online trading academy are really while they're an incredible group of people they have campuses in over forty cities throughout the world they have a permanent campus right here in southfield i visited their campus in charlotte north carolina of the it's it's a quality organization but what are they do well online trading academy finds people who want to break away from their job become more independent maybe be their own boss baby work on a special project maybe take their 401 k and help it to grow faster than its growing now for any reason that that people want more.

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