North Korea, Nuclear Weapons, China discussed on PolicyCast - 168 The North Korean Strategy


But what is unthinkable is a north korean nuclear icbm attack on the american homeland on american soil so that's the part where we're in a very difficult situation and how we get through that as a source of concern for many watchers what would the consequences be of a conflict with north korea whatever form it one of the interesting things is when you see the discussions about the use of military force the predominately focused on the nuclear weapons and ballistic missile facilities but as i mentioned before the 19th sixty one mutual defence treaty between china and north korea is deemed by the chinese side with qualifications is not really being valid anymore no longer operational i and you've seen the china the north koreans over the years move their facilities or use more the facilities near the border with china so if there is the use of military force by the united states you're going to potentially see the world's two largest militaries fully mobilized a and the notion of miscalculation an introvert escalation goes up as well there is a notion from the north korean side that this potential of uh flareups would be a factor that would dissuade the united states from using force in the past that may have been the case but now with this growing threat of a nuclear icbm from north korea the equation is different michael tom sake wants to know i could do kim regime actually survive a full integration with the international community and i i'll just add willett the steps need to be to get there it seems like so far far down the line.

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