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My sheets rock and by the new sexual fetish where we all dress up like tim curry from legend and fuck lucifer res lucifer lucifer's because even though i just made it up you are already all the fucking way into an archer and now the scathing atheist hey pat how you doing kevin sorbo here. I am tv and film actor. And i'm ninety is kevin sorbo and i can assure you that we did. In fact evolved from filthy. Came in. And i don't know what that means because i don't know if i actually put new stock in but it's just funny same filthy monkey ma. I think that's pretty funny. So i still think that a lotta men are still very filthy. Monkey men and i don't know we can do about that but i pretty sure that's kind of what's going on there so all you pat. Don't know where he lived on where you're at Really wish i wish people what city. They're from what state there from. Because maybe story about that state on i mean i. I'm signing off a great worker by It's thursday july twenty second and it's lasagna awareness. Month yeah big ups. The garfield for putting in the war right. No illusions Bosnich ten right and from chris christie's new jersey tiny red state blue state. This is the skating atheist. This week's episode natural paths. Play the cova card. We learned that god created the supply curve and it was good and we'll keep up our quest to see how many voices it takes to make the bible palatable but i the diatribe A common refrain that you'll hear when you put yourself out. There.

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