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Change. And have it notarized. And as for beneficiaries, whether it's in life insurance IRAs four Oh, one. Um if You stipulate your beneficiaries and you can change and every day they take president over that will Sure absolutely. Beneficiaries always take precedence over the will. And everybody should know that entitle Lane trumps everything. So in other words, if I put an account in joint name With me and my girlfriend. Let's say and I put my Children is my beneficiary. Well, my girlfriend gets the account because titling trumps everything might if there is no joint person. Then beneficiary trumps the will. And only then, if there's no joint person, there's no beneficiary. Only then does the will step in. But I will say one thing Janet about a code to sell. I'm not a fan of Koda cells because they can easily get filed up Misrepresented. Lost not attached to the will properly if you're going to do a change of your will. I like just a whole completely new. Straightforward. Well, and they probably charge almost as much, um, to do the whole will, anyway, So I like I like a clean, simple, well, no code of cells. I don't like revocable trust where they have amendment 12345 and six It drives me crazy, You know? So I hear what you're saying. But be careful of doing too many coded cells. Maybe one simple one where you're changing your executor. I don't want my brother to be in my executor. I want my child who is now an adult to be executor. I can see that. All right, right. Yeah. You do something like that. No, no, no, no, We're not attorneys. Okay, even though I was arrested once in Florida for let's go. Let's move on. Janet, We really appreciate your question. We got to go. Um, Michael cells, not with traffic time. Sorry, Terry. Troy, take it away. Terry Tray is gone. Take it away Traffic traffic. Sorry, Terry. There's wcbm traffic jacket sponsored by Apollo Cork. Bank of America congratulates the Black Information network on its one year.

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