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Food from you know that we made you know, we grew up with locally-sourced. I guess at the time. I didn't know it but to me it was amazing. So yeah, we were very cook oriented family. I I wanted to cook when I was very little I start a business when I was five six and I would make Cereal by mixing cereals together. I've had it a very nice thing I put on my door with a name made cereal. My like I said, I was a latchkey kid sort of so I would have to cook for my younger brother and sister at a really young age. So I cook a lot and my father and grandfather and uncles would smoke meat and so I would try and do a 2000 side with random stuff. Like I would see a metal box on my parent would put someone in that and a great and I'm going to smoke this and I wanted to do that so bad and that's what they would do is they would smoke dead. Um, we had rabbits and chickens and turkeys and we'd sell them to the bars would go around and sell them might so and cook them go at night people would buy him at these bars and that's often do they make a living that way but that just kind of a side gig but watching him inject and smoke and do all that stuff and was really cool. So that's the food scene I grew up on and I was into it very early age. I want to I want to go to culinary school outside right outside of school. That's what I wanted to do. My whole life. I was a student of cooking end up going to culinary school when I was forty which was you know, a few years back now, you know, so but you know, I've been reading cookbooks when I was a kid and it was my favorite kind of book to read and still is So when you are out of high school, you don't go to college you're well, I do I do an issue with a film study by drop out very quickly. How do you get in the cot? Was it like a community college or something? Okay, so I went to community college right out of high school because I was one of the worst students ever not because I was adult but I had a a lack of desire to apply myself. And also I didn't care and that's why I didn't get to go to real college wage when everybody else one after our senior year, so I had to learn how to be a student at Community College before I ended up transferring to the college that I ended up graduating from. So you get down food service jobs, you're living the life that you want to live. How does a future start to take shape for you? It doesn't man it just everything fell apart filling. The place life was kind of of an adventure something like my When I Was Eighteen till I was thirty three and everything in between was just whatever, you know drive to Vegas. Let's go do this. Let's travel here. Let's go here. Let's move to New Orleans. Let's live there for a while and kind of Bohemian looking back on it a little bit but I live downtown Salt Lake City, you know, it was it was a fun little time to live in Salt Lake and had a bunny music scene. It was really cool played a mute. Like I said played Matt bands and lived that life for a long time and it was it was fun and then I met my wife and and I've always wanted to be a dad and settle down that was always the goal. But you know, I wasn't like out there searching for it, you know, and we grew up in Utah and it's predominantly more money and you you were Eighteen with five kids already. So it was different, you know for someone like me to I want to do that. Yeah. I didn't grow up Mormon. I grew up in an extremely Mormon town. We were maybe Man, we were one of ten families. Maybe they weren't Mormon at least out that way. So, you know not living that life was you know in Salt Lake goes a little bit easier was it like Darryl said that, you know, the other families were warning their kids about people like you Oh, I you go to a friend's house. And then you weren't allowed back. You know why sometimes it can tell you what my mom says that you're going to teach me about the devil and I'm like, oh, all right wage. I mean stuff. He's probably right. But yeah, I'm not going to go crazy about it kid know. But yeah, it was like that absolute like that, you know is the typical, you know seen the movies of like you're walking down the street in the mom grabs your kid moves across the street, you know, like don't I didn't help that. I was wearing makeup as a boy as a teenager. But yeah, that was a I was a weird kid man. I'm telling you. What time are you looking back? So let's break here. We'll get the love story when we come back and learn even more about Rusty. 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