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Were early on so god really worked at accepts. The changed my life again story for another time as shared with people justice sensitivity to people talk to people in the night. Orchids here william inches. Almost tears bomb where he wasn't the lord and so in answer that question. Yes like the story. I told him i at work. And maybe more gimmick way of reaching people Trying to listen to people had better conversations. Those more likely conversations. I had before and more like again in through this whole journey. Still what. I try to proceed. Was you'll following up with going out for coffee or something that someone. That's where a lot of this committed conversations. I we've very struggle. We need to preach the gospel to strangers as well not just sort of friends but but it is awesome relationships. Salal that i've had the most journal. Yeah yeah and you know. And and to talk about biz. It takes time for for for us to to draw people in especially in post krishan world that we live in. We can assume as you point out earlier that people understand the christian worldview and also as someone point out to people are inoculated to christianity. Either that they've just seen bad presentations of it especially Now we just a reality and so to actually show people at different way and then and tell people away takes time. I think about We have a gentleman. He comes into to our cafes atheists who become an almost five years and he not become good friends. I've mentioned before on stop and the friends were back with. He and his family and our family. The i remember you talking about the the street. Preacher college campus. I was yelling at the students in. Remember when you said that a couple of years ago. He came in quite frustrated in the cafe and our talking and he said that it was down campuses to street preachers yelling at the students Healing them and he was just angry about that and he told me he said you all here have such a different way about living out your faith love it. I love it and what's interesting is. He's an advocate for us on on different like atheist groups. Were people say hey. Are they kind of in your face people there. I see their christian place. You know in intel. He tells me about conversations. He has where he's saying. No they'll respect you anyhow it you know how do we. I don't know yet. How can i draw him in. I i don't have lots of answers. But i do know that. I think as you pointed out the gospels of jesus is not to the to the the center Normally and nasty confrontation. We can be really director or maybe also in even subversive You'll see that a lot in big in big cities around on campuses. what. I've done go downstream. I will go downstream person at try to talk to people like. Hey did you see or what you think. And if you see the faces of people walk past that those boost sidewalk prophets and how turnoff they are definitely take You know how ineffective it is but we can do something. Subversive still trying to reach people taking time out of your day and struggle conversations people because guess what now thinking about this topic down. If you're in a different line.

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