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It's a lot of meeting of Dorian 's and the same. The same alien raises we've been familiar with Star Trek was more like a military type vessel more submarine, not the polish look that we had to Star Trek and the end it is. The finale of enterprise is how these racist come together to form the federation essentially because there is no federation, there is no Starfleet as we know it. So as they get together, they and there's a big a UN style assembly of these races with led by Archer, the captain of that Exo one. The vulcans. Are there. Yeah, they were first contact, right? Yeah. There's a Vulcan crew member on that. They pull back and Reicher and Troy are letter. Why uniform watching? And you realize whole thing is a history lesson in in the holiday, the open, they say. Bridge or door. And then they walk out and they're wearing like season four or five era. And it really the whole history of the federation was a history lesson for records, remind himself himself about the ethics in the federation, and it's very much seated in one of the episodes where he comes to with a personal crisis. Leadership and his therapy session for him in Troy, and it's Jonathan Frakes Ruta Certes in their Tingey uniforms looking little older. So this was something that happened like a commercial break episode. Exactly. That's cool. One hundred.

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