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So we can. Hello. Testing one to talk about us. They want to Hello? What's going on today? And people will be watching jeopardy. One thing, But yeah, Today's the final day. For Alex Trebek episodes of Jeopardy Now, because of all of the breaking news, they went on yesterday Wednesday and Thursdays, episodes of Jeopardy featuring Alex Trebek were preempted. So what they're going to do over there at the Channel seven. While I You know, I don't usually encourage you to watch other TV stations. You get special dispensation for today. There's plenty of audience for everybody that I guess so they're what they're going to do is run Wednesday's episode. From 1 to 1 30. Then Thursday's episode will run from 1 30 until two and then the very final Alex Trebek episode will run in its regular time slot. At 3 30 today, that's going to seem like a regular episode they you know, what they've done is do a special tribute after the credits at the end of the show, so stay with the show. You know if you're gonna watch it Stay with the show until past the credits. And then there's gonna be a special tribute to Alex Trebek on what will be his final episode since he died last October of pancreatic cancer after Atlanta long and courageous battle that he went through. All right. So before we get to the 30 news, tell us what to watch this weekend besides jeopardy. Well, you know in, you know, I put this together before Everything blew up in Washington the other day. I should have only put comedy scene here. Three Stooges shits Creek. Uh, you know, uh, you know, you named the comedy That's what I should have put in. I've got a couple of those But as it turns out, For this weekend. The movie that I'm giving my highest rating to a Dean's list. A is an incredibly sad movie. It is called pieces of a woman. That is about one of the most horrible things that you could possibly imagine the death of a newborn child during a home birth. This movie stars Vanessa Kirby and Shailagh buff. And the great Ellen Burstyn and Molly Parker. I predict they will all be nominated for Academy Awards. They're amazing. In this very, very difficult movie tow watch. It's very sad, but it's so good and so compelling. You cannot take your eyes off of this movie that the 1st 25 minutes of the movie. And in some ways reminded me of saving Private Ryan. It is it is. It's the labor and birthing scene in this couple's home in their bedroom. And it's nonstop. It's you know, they don't have any cuts in this. It's very visceral and, uh, very, very emotional. Tow. Watch it. The rest of the movie is how the mother, the father, the grandmother, the midwife how the death of this little infant affected everyone. So I mean, even though it Zaveri sad The content is put in context and makes a lot of sense. It really kind of draws it all together, but I'm warning you, it's it's very real. When they show you everything and it's It's very, very difficult to watch. But I still gave it a Dean's list A because it's a great movie. That's the bottom line. For me. It's on Netflix. There is this sort of revenge thriller called Fatale that stars Hilary Swank and Michael Ealy. They are two people that have a one night stand in Las Vegas. He returns home to his wife and his home. The home is broken into a home invader is involved in the detective who shows up on the scene to investigate this home invasion is the woman from the one night stand. On this woman is not going away easily. It reminded me a lot of fatal attraction. I give that one A dean's list B minus. So let me just get to some. You know, some happy things that you watch this weekend to try to make you feel a little better on Netflix. There. I'm sorry on the peacock Network. Now, formally on Netflix is the office. All of the episodes of the office have been moved to this new Peacock platform seasons. 12, or freeze seasons three through nine. Are on peacocks paid premium tears. Everyone's talking about corporate Chi Season three. That's on Netflix. Bridger. 10 is all the talk right now, if you haven't watched that highly recommend that, But this is the Nicolas Cage, Syria's Bob that I was telling you about earlier. Called the history of swear words where each week and the six part series Nicolas Cage digs into the anatomy. The origin of one particular swear word. So if that's you know, George Carlin's turning in his grave right now, after his seven words that you could never use on TV. This Syria's uses them all in spades. Uh, that one is also on Netflix right now. Thanks for leaving us laughing being have a good week. You have a great week. Detective Monday..

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