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Welcome back to Bloomberg technology I'm Emily Chang in San Francisco It is another day Another delay for Elon Musk's SpaceX The federal aviation administration says it now expects to complete an environmental review of the rocket makers Texas facility in mid June Another pushback which potentially does delays the timeline for starship Musk's Mars moonshot This is the 5th time in fact that the FAA has postponed the release of this report For more what it all means are at ludlow here with me So is the FAA buying time here What's going on It's impossible to know today's May 31st I was waiting for this because it was the day they were due to make a decision And I wrote it down on a piece of paper because I'm not embarrassed about that end They have delayed it 5 times And the last time we were waiting for this was on April 29th so I sat here waiting and they delayed it till May 31st But it's important because SpaceX can not make any progress on this starship plan the testing phase at least until they get clearance from the FAA Now you were on the ground in Boca chica in February Remember that vividly and Elon Musk made it sound like starship was just around the corner Right and at that time he basically expected that the regulatory side of things this environmental review would be done in a couple of months A test flight the hardware would be ready in a compromise and he had an even bolder prediction for what would happen Take a listen Might be a few bumps along the road but it'll work I feel At this point highly confident that it will get to orbit this year Classic mask Test flight by the end of this year But we don't know where we stand now because this key piece keeps getting delayed Well so that was my next question What do we know about where we stand with starship So you've seen the video I think if the mister director will play it again the explosions the kind of successful tests they've only really done hops off the ground And what starship needs to do is an orbital test flight That's kind of the big milestone moment where it breaches Earth's atmosphere comes back down and lands again That's what we're waiting for Gwen shotwell who's the presidency said it could happen in June Doesn't seem like that if the FAA decision's not due now until June 13th Meantime of course you've got SpaceX generally going from strength to strength pulling off a lot of successes So as of Friday Starlink their space satellite constellation based Internet service is available in all 7 continents expanded to Africa as of Friday That's quite an achievement And today this May 31st really important date ten years ago first unmanned dragon mission to ISS two years ago first man one they're dominating this industry but we really care about starship because like you said it's the Marshall or the moonshot All right Thank you We'll keep watching You'll keep us posted Well today marked the first day on the job for the new CEO of match group Bernard Kim He is leaving Zynga where he's been president since 2016 He's taking over for Shah doobie who's been at the company for the last 16 years It is a pivotal time for dating apps especially as we emerge from the pandemic and much of the world faces inflation I am joined now by schwarze and analyst at Evercore who just published a deep dive on not only match but also bumble so shuttle what do you make of this new leadership and also coming from the gaming space to online dating Is that a good thing Well we'll have to see He's done a good job at Zynga matches slightly different but also similar in a lot of ways There are two things that are good I think are one that there are some similarities between what he did at Zynga and had matched portfolio of assets And a global business both in favor of what matches strategy is The other thing that's good is that Shah is not really leaving She is going to be part of the board and she will be working as an adviser to Bernard And also it's not the CEO change is not a turnaround story It's not like peloton where you have to rework everything This is a functioning business It's a strong leader in online dating and it's category a global business And he's going to come in and it's going to be business per usual at least for the near term And then as he settles in he will throw in his own strategy as he gets comfortable So I don't think there will be huge turbulence in the business as he comes on board So let's talk about your new report because you're basically saying that you think online dating and as we go through all of this market volatility you think online dating is recession proof Why Well a largely recession proof The beauty of the challenge of being in consumer Internet is that none of our names are recession proof really So there certainly impacted by inflation But when it compares to the rest of our coverage yes they're largely resilient And our survey shows that almost 80% of those who are actively looking for a relationship are going to use the online dating app just as much or even more over the next call it 6 months to 12 months And so that tells me that usage is not going to change The second read through was that if there is inflationary pressure and there is a recession in the next 6 months most of them of our survey responded so that they would be willing to pay about $17 a month on average for an online dating app And that's where we are today So it's not that they would pay any less Now the question is well bumble is slightly more expensive so would that come from bumble And I don't think so I don't think that may be the case either because one of those several different tailwinds So when you look at the online dating landscape and the options out there is bumble or Tinder hinge match are they all more or less equal in your view Or do some stand out over others I think some stand out over others what our survey also showed is that bumble is really gaining market share And the one of the biggest investor questions into the Q one print was where is where the market share chef Is bumble gaming share from Tinder Is it something else Our survey shows that really Tinder continues to be the leader in the market but bumble is gaining share from plenty of fish and eHarmony So other apps that have been around but may not be as powerful as a bumble And so in the United States our survey shows its Tinder as number one bumble as a clear number two and hinge is also gaining ground to now number four back from number 7 last year So not all apps are created equal even though the target target market may be slightly different depending on your background Or one's background but what matching bumble are doing with the product is certainly superior to some of the other apps out there Well engagement is one thing but getting people to pay for it is the other you know which of these do you think is the best at generating that revenue and getting users to pay up for something that many of the things should be free Yeah great question Almost all of these are premium models at different prices at different price points But our survey shows that most users are willing to pay for Tinder eHarmony match bumble and hinge These are the top 5 paid for apps and some of the reasons for eHarmony and matches also because of the demographic They're older older age folks who may have greater savings and are more serious about relationship and that's where the payer conversion is slightly greater in those apps But at the same time on average our surveillance is about.

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