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Brummer stated is as the truth enough offer to the a good comeback bid. We're going back and forth for about a good hour immediate meal good for the organization because we actually opened on and talk. So you know hopefully make the five To me man. That was that night. A lot of buzz for pf l. and of course they've been not on your night in particular algebraic on. Espn proper. a. I think a lot of people know who you are man and espn npfl. Have to be pretty happy with the spanish you. You may be one of the best agent signings ever while. Thank you for that. I mean we actually see louis c. dana. Say if i'm wrong buddy going sign him i'm pf l. Will i okay. Internet just a good cookie fight or a good company. If you look optima and you treat me well. I'll fight light away a fight and fell do so. I know you were red devils fan. Are you also a fan of the three lions. They won up yesterday. This is all gonna win the all this year hundred We're gonna win those panties. I think you might be right. Yeah exactly what. We got such a good job this year. How does jadon sancho not cracked the lot. Not just the lineup but the bench. Either now exactly about the shows that we have now. How much time before you get in there you know. You're you're resting well-deserved healing. When does the does the training start next round fights well left side. I was bucking the gym. Among them on this it was to shoot. My buddy needs complete. Rest a monthly in las vegas about in the same place. Seeing you guys lost in the mandalay bay. Some nabbed chilling another few days of rest. Stop a couple of nights all right. Well listen great. Fight man series is up. One of those three events is again people bellcore. You'll see your fight. Was right up there along with marina and figuring does my favorites from this weekend. You guys went back and forth. It was really something else. You guys both doug the when of course you just you know. Obviously the main driver of that fight. You're in control. Diamond was just really really tough gutsy but he wouldn't go away Thanks for that barn burner man on thursday night appeal up Like you guys take a all right. We'll see brenton loch name. Pflp either way who had also fight against tire diamond. Check it out to be. Haven't seen it. It went back and forth and Diamond diamond was on the ultimate fighter. I remember Lachlan was on dana. White under series. If he's name is familiar he's the one that Ago showed made it that night in dana didn't He didn't eat and ask them to come on for that week. In the big uproar To do with the take at the unregulated. Take down at the end. That's why into that and You know daylights to see people go for it or whatever. That's fine man we get it. That's like your overall in a bible. It says you have seen what we're all about as realism gets over the finish only The judges but there starts to be at some point where you go disguised eighteen and three Tough editor from you know ray. Britain and where it's always good to have certain fighters that carry themselves. Well speak welcome. Represent the company will and they're exciting. You know you'll get all that. I think they're starting to you. Just kinda put your ego inject Diorite i didn't like that he did at but we're gonna sign him. I would even signed him the next day even after the uproar but that's dana white's pride sometimes gets the best of them and he just likes to go against the grain but he's gotta be regretting it because sky solid. I'm john you You can see right there. He was just so cool. She'll eating chips talking about the fight note but like very very well-spoken in a very very exciting fighting now. He's of the fighter. Now he's up to twenty one and three. Did it bother you that he was eating one up corn at a time out. I could do that. Where did you run into work. Could you he was he just in his room. What was there was a cabinet in the way of his head. You don't look like it. Looked like he was if you to say oh on my uncles. Got a cab in in tennessee. I'm in the back room and look like he was like an art. Little camp al's lamp. Okay yeah well. That one sees that mandalay bay l. We could katamon guard. Like i said every contact them. You never know he's gonna be could be a spy. You're right all right good booking there goes just to finish out the talk on pf l. We got those three guys mentioned. That have advanced or i'm pretty will advance. I don't think there's any way bubba jenkins doesn't advance in fact it clearly Here wiser as advanced chris. Wade brendan main in shame. Rise with five points has to wait out the fight the lance palmer Alive fight in the featherweight division in the lightweight division which also on display on tuesday night. Klay collared in lake Radzhabov have advanced nine and six points respectively. Bhagat row Man feel alexander martinez waiting to see the results of a mri. They actually pedestal and the way they have them listed here. It looks like not help Elia are still in play so confusing there towards the bottom but basically i don't anthony patterns a fighter that needs to go off at least get a win and a stoppage even if it's just in urban around it'll get them four points in his. Should into the pops. Which is i mean. What a lot of people wanna see wyatt. Pf l. signed.

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