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There is no physical evidence that was linking her to the murder but area was arrested and i read. She was actually arrested at the funeral at the funeral at the funeral. Okay i don't know how you feel about that. I don't know no matter how guilty someone is. I think we could wait because it is traumatizing to other loved ones at the funeral i think so. I think it ruins it for everyone else. Who's there to celebrate their loved. One so i would. I would agree with that. Yeah i don't agree with that as well. People who knew her were shocked. Many reported that they had never even seen rosario mistreat her daughter. In any way now they were just so many inconsistencies in her story from the beginning. So i want to go back and highlight some of them. Initially rosario had told police that she left the city of santiago around nine pm and headed to their country home where she believed sent it to be however footage showed her in the area around six pm so because of that she changed her story the recent she changes her story is because the timeframe doesn't make sense because see see tv footage showed them driving when a center should have been home or would have been home if you had listened to rosario story. I'm confused at say. That sente was home doing homework and she rosario was the one who went to the country. House changes so at some point. She says that a sunoco was at the country house and she was in santiago but then once the police see this footage showing that she couldn't have been santa in san diego at that time. She admitted that it was her daughter in the car with her and she blamed the pills for making her weary in other words saying oh i must messed up. We must have been at the country home. Not in santiago okay. So she's changing her story right. I was just having trouble following it. But i met. I might have actually misunderstood the first Wave i don't i don't think he did actually i. It's a little bit confusing because search story changes. Okay keep going. Try to take notes. Now she tells police that asencio felt ill will. They were driving so this caused her to stop at their house. In santiago and the girls stayed back while she ran errands however police looked at over thirty cameras in the area where she said she drove and there was absolutely no sign of her or her car. So now we're going back to santiago using right okay. Lot of discrepancies. Rosario knocking good. The police unreal went to the country house after the body was found she wants. She went with the police there and she was told not to touch anything and to stay with the police but as soon as they got there she asked to use the bathroom went upstairs and of course the police follow her because they say don't go anywhere and they find her rushing towards a wastebasket where they found some twine and this happens to be similar to the twin that was found near a census body. Oh boy yeah. The investigators thought that this was probably the twine that they use to tie a since his limbs together later forensic scientists did look at this. Of course they were unable to say if the came from the same role but megan to the naked eye. It looks identical okay. And you could see pictures online of that okay. So not long..

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