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Otherwise he's kind of spacing mass and defensively. He was kind of all over the place like he's going for steals he's gone for Rebounds and kind of like leaving his area like it was. It's a weird situation for duke right now. I think trying to figure out what works for them. Are they going to jail. Johnson back this year When they do how do they integrate him to be the most successful version of the team that they can Can handle more play basketball anymore. Say something better said basketball. Yeah no they. They needed like dj. Stewart's been better leads. Averaging thirteen point forty two percent from three like there's a time where it's like. This kid is a top thirty guy. And i don't see it now. He's been better but they love. Dj stewart to by the way. Yeah i mean they cram wrong. I think they have like seventy four assists. Seventy two turnovers like that's got to be better but the point guard stuff has to improve matthew herdsmen. Awesome but you need another person to. Yeah yeah matthew. Hart being good like might be the thing that saves them Because jeremy roach in dj steward while stuart as good. I don't think they're quite ready to handle like lead. Guard responsibilities Wendell more we just don't know what's going on there That i did you like one to more coming out of high school. Like i actually. I liked him. I didn't love him. Like i thought he was like a. It's funny like when i say like i don't like guy doesn't mean i think you like stinks. I mean the top fifty ravin top thirty so he was somewhere in that like middle of the road range from me like. There's no way that you thought he was not even going to be like replacement level like rotation player at duke yeah crack jamie brayfield is by the way pretty good like i think. He is legitimately a long-term nba prospect. Six hundred eight lefty who can shoot that's value. He's been better than i thought. Yeah so trying to figure out where duke settles in is going to be interesting. They have a game on saturday against florida. State that i am so fascinated watch because florida state team Over the last couple of weeks has not been quite as good as what we thought they would be Scotty barnes is kind of all over the map offensively because he just can't really shoot and Teams don't really respect him as a score as opposed to his passing ability which is very high level. So i'm still trying to figure out where the floor state team settles in i. I would imagine that they probably beat duke. But it's going to be a good test for duke and some of these younger guys to see where they are. And i would love to see jaylen johnson..

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