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I will tell you with our sports team this week. Let's talk NHL, which comes out here in just a couple of weeks. And that means that it's time to start seeing some play rating reveals. And they do it in a real drip type away. They're not just going to come out and be like, here's the best overall guys. You know, we kind of do it by category by attribute. And they do topless by attribute for lots of different attributes that, you know, people tend to care about the game. So let's run through some of these and let's start. Let's see where it was right here. Where your favorite squad has someone making appearance. And it might not be the rating or the actual you're hoping for. It's topped in strength. Where Ryan gets off the pier. So the 92 overall or 92 rating in that kind of work. Interesting. I'm joining the likes of Alex with asking Victor hedman. Mila luce, Ryan Reeves, Zac casting and more all showing up in the top ten there. But let's get to the attributes that everybody kind of comes to see when they're looking at all ratings. As you mentioned with FIFA speech absolutely kills an HL. And speed plays a huge huge role in this game. So the top ten fastest skaters will start out with no surprise Connor McDavid. As 96. Nathan McKinnon, 94, Matthew bars all from the islanders of 94. Taylor hall, Dylan Larkin and kasperi Kaplan all. There are also joined by kil mccart Quinton Hughes, Johnny goudreau, and of getting kuznetsov. All 93s in speed. So there's your fastest skaters, I would say it's about right because McDavid's generally considered considerably the fastest player in the game. McKinnon would make a lot of sense as the next guy. So that is about right. If you're looking to tee up some good shots and chill, it's never a bad thing to have Alex of asking on your squad. And he leads the way in top ten rich shot power with a 95. The 93s in that category awesome math usually on dry side all Patrick lining John Carlson. 92s go to Steven stamkos Andre scheduling. Nathan McKinnon, Tyler Sagan and Brock besser from Vancouver. When it comes to accuracy, awesome math.

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