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Waddle's asian markets are mixed up european markets are looking good and the dow futures up about thirty i'm dick haefner wjr news more news at eight or whenever news breaks welcome back to the second annual paul w smith harbor to on wjr once again peers paul i'm not sure of its captain vibert captain pegging could be cocaptains here just to break it too happy she sheikh address the as well as i can okay with ethnic if we have bob and peggy bow bell who have been here from the beginning really if the outgoing carver club so over thirty years 32 to be executive has been open through two years this year how does this happen how did you get i mean that was a long time ago how did you find yourself here f you opening and still here thirty two years later we looked at marinas ali had boats before that militant marina some kept moving because we didn't might the marina for various reasons and then we get on the list when leat tacticly about child there can in belfast amega unless a year before they even finish tank and we move ten thirty two year sick outline get fine we love it here only you do well it's your part of the family there's no question about that old stiffly we you know we middle of friends and people and uh an old beaten pete junior of their extended family we got an old war well and bought votes from but we also delilah of family things with him to will be the uh just go running around enduring doing outings and stuff like that together with italy ahead of time what are you what are you callers things when a bunch of voters get together and take off just like a crew when we crews hearing have go to an outing has invited me before and it never ramble ago alleged it surrounding fill a landing that's the idea that thea that's the word i can think of it the do these rendezvous who's the gesture seemed like a tremendous amount of fun and come robbery and the and you really do make some good lifelong friends it seems to me yeah.

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