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The issues and people making news rejoining match numbing of this edition of sunday morning newsmakers senator scott we'll discuss the impact of espy one on commuters across the south plan for victory velde the high desert with us with senator mike morale of republican twentythird district we'll discuss the reason passed asked me one and possible sanctuary city legislation poeple singleton will join us she is president and ceo of million kids and author of seduced the grooming of america's teenagers the epidemic of sex trafficking in america first i just don't think folk no weather here especially folk that never had a job in the private sector understand they think that if we just great kcna by this project will get percent more income that ignore human nature that ignores the incentive or the different than an effect of an actor people are dynamic favorite pond to what people do kid who's been noted the democrats in sacramento can no longer gerrymandered districts thanks to of voterapproved initiative but were hearing that they're doing some other things to keep in power grid whitaker use charlie germans join us right now to talk about this story that his evolving as we speak fred it's always good to talk to you larry great to be here thanks for having me we need to set this up a used to be that you could do little things to kind of cut two districts to keep in power that has since been stopped but it's not stopping democrats from doing little things to try to move the board their way right well it's amazing how prayed.

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