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Decision to decide the you for you it was yes it what it was very very difficult it was probably one of the most difficult decisions you know i had to make is district attorney out thou why well we knew the police department wasn't going to be happy there is no question about that but we had to do what we felt like we had to do carry talk to the defense attorney for the two officers who shot james boyd and told them she planned to bring criminal charges against them and his responses that's what i figured but before carry could even carry out that decision she got a knock on our door one friday morning rpi yo public information officer came into my office and she's the carry i got an email from a reporter from the albuquerque journal and he wants to now do you have any comment about being a suspect in a case involving your son john kerry send justin was charge for burglarizing to homes a year and a half before at the time carry had talked to the victims and encourage them to report the crime but now the police department was claiming that carry had tried to bribe these victims so they wouldn't reporters sent to the police i couldn't get my head around eight how can you tell to people to go to the police vineyard near then your suspect in bribing them i i don't even authors words for how i felt i was shocked and it just came out of nowhere two days later the albuquerque journal broke the story which obviously called my integrity and honesty into question i wasn't feeling good i never thought i would be in a situation where i was a suspect in a criminal case even two months since carry told the police she was going to prosecute the two officers who shot james buoyed and now she found herself the target of an investigation by the same police department one reporter jeff proctor duck further into the story he learned that the police department had opened this investigation and to carry the year before but lacking any solid evidence they had closed it and around the time that she started to make noise about charging.

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